10 March 2010

Pop culture... FLASH BACK!

Warning: the next few up and coming posts will probably be on the very random side,I can't promise posts everyday or even every two days this pattern will only be for the next two weeks though, so stick with me folks, hehe.
But why the randomness? I hear you cry (or not perhaps?), well I'm relocating as you may already know? And I need to start getting my act together, big time no longer can I put it on the back burner, I began hardcore organizing and packing up today...nope this time I didn't get in the box!
Phew 'tis chaos.Good chaos.
I have three sewing machines,various fashion and art equipment to still be boxed up, this isn't including the library of fashion/art/culture books/fashion magazines I need to put in year/season/issue order (I'm a very order and list type of gal:though I always lose my lists..thank god for post -it -notes eh?).
Some brilliant news a studio has been found: I'm ecstatic and cannot wait to get down to my new corner of the UK,and finally after a year of hanging and generally floating around crack on with my art and fashion projects.It shall all be trial and error, but fingers crossed it will all work out. I hope to eventually employ a small team of cool,dorky, quirky, tea biscuit lurrvers to create some amazing work with me...Prettyneons pirates-get on board!
I'm no where near that point right now.This is the big, grand dream.

Enough of the pirate chatter, over the last two days I've stumbled upon my Spice Girls stuff *cringe* (am blushing with embarrassment),tragic truth is I was a mad,bonkers, crazy, huge fan of scary spice, posh spice, baby spice,ginger spice and sporty spice. Please don't ask me to pick a favourite, for that would be impossible!
The first ever tape (vintage huh?)I picked up was the Spice Girls, this is where my fashion journey really began. In regards to style inspiration (amusing I know, my excuse is:I was only a child), well you have to start somewhere no?
I started there, with Ginger and Scary spice...which explains my crush on all things loud and leopard print: them two must have remained etched in my brain? Now it all makes perfect, perfect sense.

photos by:prettyneons

I stunned myself when I rediscovered this lot, I never realised how much Spice Girls gear I collected. I was forever saving up my pocket money to join the Spice Girls fan club,yet by the time they made their movie I had sadly (?) outgrown 'girl power', instead I was sneaking into catch the likes of Linkin Park, Blink 182,Yeah Yeah Yeahs Nodoubt and other metal/punk/rock/pop bands,using my older friends I.D's (not advised for any pre-teen neon readers out there...unless you want to be grounded like I was) heaven knows how I made that musical transfer?
Reflecting on all this I've reached the conclusion that I've never really truly abandoned my Spice Girl roots hell no. I remain partial to bright hair colours (with a bottle of bright red waiting for me to pour over my locks), bold print dresses and clashing shoes ...sometimes a platform shoe.
Yes, yes deep down I'm still very much a Spice Girl victim.I fear there is no escaping this obvious fact.

photos by:prettyneons.

Once I took a long shot and applied for a magazine internship, the interview process included several stages all was going quite smoothly up until I was asked to compile mood board to reflect my personality and style I'm assuming?
My mood board consisted of bits which makes me, me.This included fashion icons, heroes (so to speak) favourite designers, artists etc I pasted the two Spice Girls (above) on my mood board.I'm now convinced the editor thought I was taking the piss, or ignorant towards classic fashion icons. Of course this wasn't the case. As I was growing up and approaching my pre-teens the Spice Girls DID influence and affect my naive style decisions, so why not stick it on my mood board?
As I was rejected out the office (being the last final stage) with my mood board, I recall feeling so angry: not because I didn't win the internship, but more because one of my style icons weren't good enough for them, because they were not some typical classic Hollywood type.To this day the same question still repeats in my head and baffles me, 'why does a style/fashion icon always have to be from the past?' (1920's onwards?). Besides surely a fashion icon is a personal thing? Past or present, it shouldn't matter that much, me thinks?
Please insert your thoughts on this subject if you wish?

Peace & Girl Power? X


pip a la chic said...

oh my gosh! I loved the spice girls too. I even found the spice world video...notDVD in my collection. I even had the platform shoes. Oh how I wish they would come to Australia

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

I agree, defo a personal thing & they should at least try & adapt to see it through your eyes - they dont have to like it! pfff

Prettyneons pirates - love it :) it will happen my lovely! it will it will!!!!!

Also get that red on on yer her go go go before it get spilt in the move- good luck with that

yeah indeed my wardrobe clobber will be on Blogger (hopefully by the weekend) loads of it!! get in

P.S i used to think i was babyspice with my platform knee highs- perhaps it aint left any of us deep down we all have spicey in us

Ok...i shall stop waffling on ha ;)

Peace & Love


Pippa Artus said...

Trust me, i am the same! Found all my old CD's and posters the other day :)
Would have loved to have seen them all last year again! :/
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

Annie Spandex said...

'Say You'll Be There' is one of the best pop songs ever. I have no problem saying that. :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Must say I was an adult when The Spice Girls hit the big time so they went under my radar.
Well done for sticking them on your mood board and bad news for the snooty editor who stuck to convention and let you go. That position would never have worked if you'd had to conform and not been true to yourself.
Good luck with the move!

日日夜夜 said...
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Glowing Doll said...

Congrats on the new studio!

prettyneons said...

Oh wow hello's everyone! So I'm not the only one who adored the Spice Girls,haha...another confession I've just put some of their tunes on my playlist ---no shame, no shame!
prettyneons X

daisychain said...

you = queen of random.

when are you moving? soon? I should probably email you ;) x

prettyneons said...

hey miss daisychain ;)no no I shall email you my hun...you know what I'm like with emails,hehe.
But I promise to email you tomorrow evening...I've discovered a new biscuit: frnech too very posh hehe :)
peace & hugs xXx

prettyneons said...

correction-french: hehe I was sleepy last night =)
moi x x x

redheadfashionista said...

Awww wow, that reminds me of my massive collection of Spice Girls memorabilia! I had nearly all the photos!
I know it's sad.