03 March 2010

Miss curiouser & curiouser

Hang on I need to catch my breath, nope I haven't been jogging (as I don't do that sort of exercise activity anyways) I clicked onto Miss Selfridge oblivious to their Alice in Wonderland range, eekk ! Why didn't anyone tell me? I only happened to discover this curious (see what I've created there? OK so it was obvious of me, and you saw it coming already?)and quirky homage to the coolest most quirky girl ever (Alice),because I was on the hunt for a)a new shoulder bag and b)a nice new warm hat...I swear the temperature is drastically dipping.
Where was I? Oh yes Miss Selfridge has fulfilled all my dreams,by creating a quirky and whimsical (as expected, it being Alice in Wonderland 'duh)Alice in Wonderland range,Oohh I'm taking a wild guess here, but I assume this may of been inspired by the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film?My only question is what's took them so long?
I've always wanted someone out there to dedicate a collection to Alice in Wonderland...


vest top,£20

heart shorts,£30

Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with this film, and knows I do have my days where I rip off Alice's style and claim it as my own, though I fool no one.
Alice in Wonderland was the first Disney film I saw, I pestered my mum for months to 'sew me a dress like Alice' and yes I'm still requesting this, though perhaps I should just construct it myself? I can thread a needle now, those years in fashion school weren't totally wasted on me.
Since Alice in Wonderland was introduced to four year old me,I became hooked, collecting all various versions of Alice in Wonderland that was available in both book and VHS video form. This was the beginning.It soon spiralled out of control,I began embarking on regular trips down to the Disney shop, snooping around the shelves for Alice bag's,hair clips,pencil cases and a lunchbox; that I could pack my lemon curd sandwiches into and show off (the Alice lunch box, not the sandwiches, just thought I'd clear that up) to my friends...who I failed to impress.They digged Snow White.

heart print dress,£40

vest top,£18,
all images from Miss Selfridge

I no longer purchase Alice in Wonderland items from the Disney shop (I did keep hold of my lunch box though, I keep my photographs inside it).But admittedly I do continue to collect various Alice in Wonderland-esque bits and pieces such as accessories, dresses etc which crop up now and then on Etsy, ebay and junkshops.This sort of oddball behaviour has gained me the nickname 'miss curiouser', which my friends often refer me to due to my love for Alice and my habit of being curious and forever pondering over the most minor mundane things.
Needless to say I'm definitely purchasing one of these items from Miss Selfridge,most likely the heart print dress and a tee. I'm going to be highly original (*cough*) and wear the dress when I go and watch the new Alice in Wonderland movie...lame yet quite genius I reckons?
Do tell me your thoughts on this epic Alice in Wonderland range, were you already aware of it? Has Miss Selfridge done it justice? Are there any of your favourite characters that have been missed out? Finally did any of you have to hold in your bladder when you spotted this fabtastic range!?
Just me? How very embarrassing.


Vintage Vixen said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
I'm inspired by yours, your writing and beautiful illustrations are awesome. I'm definately going to be following you.
Sadly Miss Selfridge shut down in our town a while ago and while the Alice in Wonderland stuff looks great is it going to be everywhere in the next few weeks?
See you soon

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

The dress wit the love hearts is sooo cute! u want want want!!

U going to go see the movie? im a little scared (weird i know)


Em x said...

I've always lovwd a bit of Alice too. The curiouser vest is currently on its way to me xxx

Twila's Vintage said...

I CANT WAIT FOR FRIDAY!!!! I hope it will be as wonderful as it seems! Jonny Depp, Alice, all the pretty crazy makeup and wardrobe! Really really cant wait!

Thanks for leaving such a nice message on my blog. I will be following you daily! Thanks for showing me these Alice pieces. I had no idea and yes to the heart dress!


Carrie said...

yes i saw the vest top in a mag at work! its a very cute collection! i love alice in wonberland! i recently dressed up as the cheshire cat at work, full face paint and everything! xxx

prettyneons said...

So glad I'm not the only girl crazy about Alice in Wonderland,he he...I cannot wait to see the film, and I've just bought that heart dress, when it arrives I'll try and remember to post it up ;)
prettyneons X

daisychain said...

Oh I love the dress. Everytime I see anything Alice, or tea party related I think of you.

Heads up on new Biscuits..cadburys have some caramel or crunchie ones just out, on offer in tesco x

prettyneons said...

GET OUT-seriously? caramel crunchie biscuits whoa this is a big deal! I'm getting my coat on right now and marching down to tesco's (well if it stops raining?).
peace & hugs
moi ;)