21 March 2010

Show Your Bones

Before I even begin today's post, I'd just like to say sorry for being slow with the old comment chatter i.e catching up/replying, it isn't a case of not reading blogs nor ignoring the comments it's just at the moment I'm feeling quite rough (...I really dislike the word 'ill', it's weak)I cannot even begin to explain how truly awful I'm feeling,nothing to do with hang overs either.
I don't wish to go into detail too much as I like my blog to be a happy sort of place,which provides great escapism I suppose?Plus I don't do sympathy seeking, is like sooooooo (putting on her poor 90210 impression)not- my -style.
But very briefly,(you guys don't want to go on a downer, not on this fine, fine, sunny Sunday!)my ribs have well, sort of slipped out of place funny bones is my middle name pretty much.Meaning my range of movement is limited, the smallest movements adds stress to my ribs this includes typing,honestly I really shouldn't be any where near my keyboard right now,I'm asking for further trouble, but heyho.I've been to the doctors (where by the way I discovered a brilliant issue of Style magazine on the table,I don't know why, I never bother to pick up a issue of Style magazine?Note- to -self:purchase Style magazine more often,if poss)where my doc informed me of bleak news,which is always very delightful for the ears.
Moi's flexible ribs are now beginning to have a knock on affect(the correct technical term I'm sure)on my shoulder blades, which equals a rather sexy (insert sarcastic tone of voice)Vogue-esque (size nothing models eat your heart out) display of sticking out ribs it looks and feels utterly disgusting. In simple terms I feel a bit like a circus freak,roll up, roll up.

However this circus freak is a happy circus freak, very happy indeed.Because my favourite person (Mum)treated me to a stack of glossy magazines,and because I'm some what a mag-slag ,(just in case you hadn't already noticed)this has made me feel content.More so than watching back to back episodes of that American high school drama I cannot get enough of (hell no not Glee for that is utter shit-902...yeah you've got it).
I'm so strange in the way I read magazines I've got this this bizarre ritual going on,firstly I begin by searching for fancy perfume samples on strips of paper which I eagerly tear out and slap all over my neck/wrists/belly button.Once I've drowned myself in designer floral fragrance, I switch the kettle on pour myself a mug of fruit tea (currently flirting with strawberry and cinnamon)fetch a snack (crackers,chocolate or cake)and look at all the pictures/editorials.I pick out my favourites from the bunch, scan/ print them off and pin them onto my mood board,once this is complete I return to the magazine (swapping snacks-always)second time round I read it.I never read it all.Why? Well those high end magazines are expensive, therefore I enjoy savouring every penny and glossy page making each issue last me up until the following issue is released.
I did tell you my magazine ritual was strange.
Anywho's it wasn't until today when I was taking my meds and starring at my current moodboard, that it clicked (*light bulb moment*) and occurred to me that this mag-slag should share her personal favourite fashion bits, each time I buy a fancy fashion magazine be it Vogue or Elle etc,I will post up what I think are the epic bits.
This way those of you who missed an issue of Vogue/Elle, whatever can drool and swoon over the editorials with me, erm if you wish to do so?I mean I'm not forcing you or anything, freewill and all.I really love it when I catch a glimpse of magazine editorials I've not seen over on various blogs, for example the American/French/Italian issues...Oh the joy of worldwide blogs huh?

I kick off my first ever fashion magazine best bits (I need to work on a more catchy title me thinks?Mag-slag best bits perhaps?) with the April UK issue of Vogue,this was a tricky decision even for me to make,(I being a very decisive sort of person)in the end I opted for this..."Private Dancer" photography by Javier Vallhonrat, the imagery is already permanently etched on my brain.The glitter, emerald sequin capes,Miu Miu satin boots (drooling),antique style blouse's,gold polka dots and a back drop of lanterns and dazzling fairy lights.What's not to love about this?

all photos from:UK Vogue April Issue

How badly I want to be her am I alone on this one?Surely not?So feel free to let me know what you think about my mag-slag best bits idea?

Happy Sunday (...what's left of it).


Em x said...

You poor thing, i hope you can move around properly soon xxx

Helga said...

"Mag Slags"-I love it!!!Yes,do it!!
Love those pics,just divine!
Goodness,your poor ribs?!I hope that you can get those sorted out.In the meantime,keep up the magazine rituals.Mine is to flick through,then go through backwards,then finally start from the front,read most of it,and then repeat ritual.Pref with a glass of something tasty.:)

Audrey Allure said...

I hope you get well soon!
And love the editorial :)

daisychain said...

You are MY circus freak <3

redheadfashionista said...

I am OFFICIALLY your number one fan; I didn't think that there was another person on this godforsaken planet that hated Glee too!
I wasn't as big a fan of that Vogue shoot as I was of the one with Freja. I love Freja.

Vint Junky said...

Oh honey poor you :(
Well i'm sending sympathy whether you want it or not!

I love this editorial, something abit sleezy about it, like it's shot in a Vegas motel, fantastic!!


Vint Junky said...

Poop my first comment disappeared...

Poor you, i'm sending you a massive dollop of sympathy whether you want it or not ;)

I looove this editorial, i think it's a bit sleazy...(oh'er!) like it was shot in a cheap Vegas motel, fantastic


Emily Boop said...

hope u ok sm...) my mobile is broken ...could u email ur address lamont !! x .code speakage from emilyboop ""x my address is same ! x

prettyneons said...

Oh WOW,thanks girls your all so amazing and super super sweet
And I shall defo begin that mag-slag feature as your all lurrving the idea :)

prettyneons X

prettyneons said...

Boop you do make me laugh, I've done things the old fashioned way and posted you a card, you should get it sooney (though you know I have little faith in the royal mail), I've put my house address inside it (the new one)I need YOUR email address hun!

you-know-who ;)

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