13 April 2010

Oblivion & Party Food

I know right, where the bloody heck have I been? Did I decide to jet off to the moon? No. Did I trip and fall down a rabbit hole? No. Have I become tired of the blog scene? Hell no, honestly how could you even think such a thing?! I’m as hooked on blogging as I am drawing; it’s now part of my life-permanent. An important must just like brushing my teeth, or making sure the biscuit tin remains topped up with partyrings and pretty pink wafers...mmm wafers...OK so I’m beginning to stray of track. Let’s return to the the burning question, above.

...Well it’s a long old dull story, yet one that must be explained. I relocated to another corner of England, my Internet provider promised me (god damn it), I would be back online within ten days. Ten days arrived and my broadband refused to play ball, I give the powers that be over at Virgin (...they suck by the way, worse than BT) a bell ask what’s going on, if anything is going on? Turns out they made an epic error and totally disconnected/cancelled my frigging account altogether. To say there was steam coming out of my ears would be a rather big understatement, I was real pissed off as my phone has also been switched off, completely dead. The result: Cut off from the outside world with zero communication, to make matters worse I’m new to this part of England and failed to find the local library up until now joy!
Only problem is I can only get access to these slow as a snail computers, (dude I swear down these computers are run by hamsters going round and round in a rusty wheel) for 30 minutes, when the library computers take 15 minutes to just log in, then up pops the annoying countdown timer. Sigh. On the plus side there is a cute guy sitting to the left of me, he has the whole dork thing going on which I adore (as you all know by now I am a huge, huge uncool dork myself, could this be a match made in dork heaven, affinity perhaps? Who knows? I’m not about to speak to him ekk I’m way too shy for that!) right, concentrate, con-cen-trate. So yep quick run down...I won’t be back online until the 23 April, so for the mean time I’m going to attempt posting party food sized posts (so to speak) featuring my favourite editorials, features etc from various fashion magazines (yup it’s all about the inner mag slag folks),in the mean 30 minutes I get on these library computers I’m going to catch up with emails, and hopefully fingers and toes crossed, I should be able to hit you all back with some comments too. When my Internet connection does eventually return, I cannot wait to sit down with a cup of tea and a fruit salad and just dedicate hours getting tucked into blogs and having a good old comment chatter.
For now I will leave you with the first of my favourite fashion magazine features, this one comes from the glossy pages of UK ELLE the April issue. I’ve selected this because a)I- spy Miu Miu top and THOSE shoes b )there’s illustrations by the one and only much adored Frank Stanley and c)it’s THAT girl Chloe Sevigny. It would be rude not to begin my mag slag posts with this issue of ELLE.

all images from ELLE

...rubbish I have more pics to upload but my time is running out on this ridiculous library computer,sorry folks...aahhh I'm going to be cut off any time...now!
Back again sooney

Peace X


daisychain said...

I hope you see this, thank you SO much for the card,
expect a reply asap! <3 xx

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

whey... hey!!! you are back!!!!

ive been a bit vivid on the aulg blog front ( like one a week) but still reading others

i really aint owt to say (yea right) but i dont!!

Anyways glad you are back, hope the move went well and will look forward to your new posts

peace & Love xxx

Helga! said...

Buggery internet providers!!Suck-appreciate your efforts,though!!:)

vint junky said...

That Miu Miu shirt is stalking me, it's everywhere!!!
Hope you're back to blogland sooon

Glowing Doll said...

Glad you're back!!!!

Em x said...

Hellloooo! Thank you for the card you sent me hun. I really hope your net comes back as planned xx

Glowing Doll said...

Thank god somebody else noticed too!

Eveything in Topshop is smaller than it says it is even the shoes!

I used to hate trying on stuff in there I always felt like a blimp.

The Divided line in H&M is like that too. Have you seen their size 16 it's more like a 10! They change the cut of their T-shirts a lot too which is frustrating.

Glowing Doll said...

ooops this was meant to go in your other post. I need more coffee...