26 April 2010

Von To Be Like You

Ouch* Mondays they sure are a stinger,the weekend is over,reality kicks back in and slaps you hard around the face,which for me is a shame as it means I'm no longer a fierce tattoo artist nor do I live in LA,and nor am I actually Kat Von D.
Let me explain,I spent a large portion of yesterday evening sat in front of the box catching up with episodes of LA Ink,I could hardly move from the sofa due to numb legs (remember that walk I told you I was embarking on at the weekend?Well I completed it at the end was this icecream van,dude never have I needed a rum & raisin icecream so very desperately)numb toes and numb arse,one word-hills.
LA Ink is such addictive viewing,so are all the other Ink programs,however LA Ink is far more moreish mainly because I have a shameless style crush on Von,I go through these phases where I'll stalk and observe her radical style,it's pathetic huh?
I even discuss her ever changing hair colour to whoever is willing or cares to listen,"The Von's gone blond!" I dropped this shocker bombshell on my friend,who replied silently with a baffled sort of what-do-I-care? shrug followed ten minutes later with,"Who is Kat Von whatever?"

all images from bing

board by prettyneons.

2.Zebra print trousers,£25
3.Lace bomberjacket,£35
4.Bracelets,all items from Riverisland
5.Platform shoes,£55,from Office

Just in case anyone reading this is oblivious to Kat Von D because you have a life,she's this extremely talented tattoo artist on LA Ink,a reality style program about the day to day running of Kat's tattoo shop called highvoltage in LA.
Whatever you do don't tune into LA Ink if you hate the sight of needles,as obviously the show mainly consists of customers getting inked,which obviously involves needles and such.
However if your an art whore like myself,your lurrrve LA Ink,and if too you appreciate style when you see it,your become hooked on Von's and will tune in simply to admire her threads.
You laugh now but trust me the above will happen,Kat's wardrobe makes me want to die her collection of rock tee's,lace crop tops,animal print trousers,gold accessories and big old patent platforms are incredible.In your head conjure up and combine the following:eighties trash glam rock meets drag queen and bingo you have the Kat Von D ingredients.Erm almost, minus the array of tattoo's.I heart Kat Von D's confident trashtatic I'm with the fucking band,I'm fucking the band look.

P.S...Any other style stalkers out there?Come on now don't be shy,spill it already!


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

I didn't and still dont have a clue about her or the programme!

Numb arses all round though! you think hmm im all sore could be flu, nah just got couch sores! xx

Helga! said...

OMG I freakin' LOVE LA Ink!! I don't like the others at all,as I really don't like the dribbly stories about the feckin' tattos-the key is the Kat von D has cahrisma,and FAB style!! I wouldn't dress like that,but I love it!!She is awesome!!Yay!I consider her a guilty pleasure,but now I can obviously come clean!!!

Annie Spandex said...

She really is fucking the band, too, isn't she dating Nikki Sixx? Or was? ;)

prettyneons said...

ha! yeah she is with the Sixx,when I grow up I want to be Kat Von D! !

vint junky said...

Ah you gotta love a girl with sleeves!


daisychain said...

Ahhh I love her.
And you. I must e-mail you.

prettyneons said...

Hiya hun ,Oh bless your socks I need to clean up my inbox it's full of spamshit,needless to say I look forward to your email ;)

peace & hugs...
you know who xXx

Glowing Doll said...

I love Kat von D too!!!

Watching reruns of L.A Ink got me through a really bad time.