28 April 2010

Style Crush,Cake & Barry Hyde

A month or so ago I invited you lot to invade my inbox with any questions you may have for me,any questions at all big,small,random,weird, and wonderful and how you didn't disappoint one little bit.
I've had a blast answering all of them too,so get a cupa tea,a fancy biscuit (or any snack of your choice) sit yourself down and I hope you enjoy reading? As much as I've enjoyed putting this 'ickle feature together (though it did feel a bit self obsessed at times ha!),if you can't spot your question in there do not fear this is part one,I will follow it up with part two very sooney.By the by do feel free to drop any questions in my comment box or email me,don't be shy I do love a good old chitchat.

board by prettyneons

What is your current wardrobe wish?

I have so many wardrobe lusts right now,however I cannot stop dreaming of all the above,RiverIsland has me dribbling so very badly at the moment honestly I can hardly contain myself I'm making a right mess over here, drooling into my keyboard.

Who's your style crush?

I declared my love for her this week, Kat Von D of LA Ink I think her I'm with the band, I'm fucking the band style is killer she has charisma too which is also I think an important style accessory you know?

Which fashion item can you not live without.

My icecream print umbrella,it's the UK and well the weather can change whenever it feels like it,I have a collection of quirky umbrella's. I've eyed up a vintage umbrella on ebay,I fear I've not 'won' it though.Sob.

Who's your style inspiration?

Jeez it changes from day to day,one day it could be Gwen (...I've always adored her cleaver cartoonesque style when she was in Nodoubt)the next it could be FB (Freja Beha)or any dude from the Stones!

What album are you listening to at the moment?

I'm tapping my toes to the Futureheads
first album,I've been a fan of them for years now,plus Barry Hyde is good looking indeed...not that you can hear their looks but he gets me drooling more than any RiverIsland frock.

Who would you most like to invite along to a picnic?
Oh wow such a great question! You've noticed my love for picnics huh?
Hmm well Derren Brown
would be interesting he gets the first invite for sure. Who else? Ana Matronic,Emile Hirsch (my favourite actor),Juliette Lewis,Robert Plant,and all of you...can you imagine how epic a bloggers gathering would be?

You've never done any outfit posts why not?

To be perfectly frank I've tried to avoid getting too caught up in the narcissistic side of blogging,and when I first began blogging it just never crossed my mind it did once leave me feeling baffled.What's the point of showing off your clothes everyday?But that was many moons ago when I was a teenager my foggy ignorance has cleared now, and finally I get it.

Would you ever consider doing a outfit post in the future?

Yep definitely, it's obvious to me now that outfit posts can be a brilliant tool to illustrate my style opinions and certain features from time to time.But I would never outfit post just for the sake of outfit posting,because who wants to see my mug on the screen everyday?Hell not me!

How long have you been blogging for?

About two/threeish years I believe?Not certain,check my blog archive?I began blogging after graduating from my fashion degree course at Brighton university,though I always wanted to begin blogging before then,but I had three jobs at uni and it left me with zero time for fashion indulgence.

Why did you decide to create a blog for?

It was a number of reasons,I've always kept a fashion art scrap book since I was young,I've always read alot about fashion/art/culture and it began to consume my head when I was trying my best to concentrate on my uni studies,designing clothes etc.So it was an effective method to help declutter my brain,so I could focus better and kick those pesky sleeping pills.Another reason was I wanted to connect with like minded people,and thirdly I was effed-off with struggling to find employment within the fickle bias fashion industry over saturated with has been rock star kids. Of which get it easy inside the fashion vortex compared to those of us who don't have a well established surname.Young famous folk do not have to work very hard to be granted their fashion stripes,this isn't me being bitter,'tis fact,sadly.Believe me I've seen it too many times with my own eyes.

You've been blogging for ages now,do you have Lot's of fashion freebies?

I wish.No I've never received fashion goodies for any features I've published on my blog,not even a sock.Sorry to disappoint you there.

Your very good at writing,did you study fashion journalism at all?

Firstly thank you so much,what a wonderful compliment.But nope self taught i.e it's all trial and error,my 'ickle blog is still so young and very much learning how to crawl.

Do you ever experience writers block? Because you seem to post so often.

So far (touch wood) no I've not yet experienced the dreaded writers block.I stalk fashion and when you stalk her, you will always have something to share me thinks?

Have you any fashion blogging tips you can give me?

I'm 100% no blog pro really I'm not,so probably the wrong gal to ask. But I guess just be yourself,have fun and never take fashion too seriously because at the end of the day it will chew you up and spit you out if you do.Oh and stick pretty pictures upon your walls,anything that provides your brain with food for thought.*Please note:I will not take responsibility if these 'tips' are shit and useless to you haha.

Why prettyneons?

I'm having a dim moment,do you mean why my blog is named prettyneons?Duh of course you do. It's one long story,but basically when I was at uni designing.One of my tutors was a witch and she always hassled me about using colours/patterns that were too bright.I was given a huge difficult design brief to design a roll of printed fabric for this competition,I went against her 'advice' and used a neon colour way.She advised me to scrap my design as 'it wouldn't win any prizes, loud neon prints are out honey and never coming back,you don't stand a chance',anyway in the end I done very well out of that one design.I'm sure there's a message in there somewhere, decode if you wish?

What makes a blog a good read for you?

Another cool question. I like genuine kind bloggers who have no hidden agenda's,and just a simple attraction to art/fashion/style/culture/subculture and so on.I like blogs with a good sense of humour too, musicfashionclutter blog makes me chuckle!

Is there anything you love more than fashion?

Yes,yes, yes baking I can't get enough of that stuff,and cracking eggs never gets old.Can I use this opportunity to brag? I make a mean batch of soft American style cookies.

What colour is your hair?

My hair has been many colours in the past,I gave up the bottle (of hair dye)two years ago as my hair had the texture of sand paper and threatened to fall out.I'm eager to change my hair colour once again.Right now my hair is brunette with blond tips...this is my natural hair colour.

I like your thrift fashion bargain finds,could you do a feature on this?

Good idea I hadn't thought of this myself,I'll see what I can conjure up.

Which trend do you dislike the most?

Easy,double denim! Long time readers will already be aware of my strange denim fear.

What's your favourite fashion trend right now?

I'm partial to antique style garments,and I've noticed this slowly taking over the catwalk too,so naturally I shall gravitate towards it.

What is your all time favourite film?

The Breakfast Club,my big sister (who's alot older then moi) introduced me to this eighties classic teen film when she was babysitting me.As odd as this sounds but I'm convinced it was like the first ever film I watched?I've seen it a billion times already,yet somehow it always feels new and fresh.The characters are all strong and inspiring,plus there are some bloody amusing one-liners.I highly recommend this film,go Bing/Google it!

You often give shout outs to your BBF who or what is this reference?

My BBF's are my blog best friends there are three blog girls I stay in touch with,write to and hope to hang out with one day outside this blogalaxy. Which is very nice as I never expected to strike up such close friendships.You know who you are.


daisychain said...

I suck as I still owe you both an e-mail and a letter. I'm mad busy till Sunday (shouldn't even be online lol) but expect communication en masse then x

prettyneons said...

Hiya hun, 'tis fine don't panic I know what it's like I'm really busy at the mo too.I'm up all night and day designing,I have three sewing machines on the go!

peace & hugsxx

kirstyb said...

my wardrobe wish list is as long as a piece of string lol! as soon as i buy something i find something else i want! im so naughty! i need to stop spending xxxxxx

Glowing Doll said...

Hey love the Q&A. Sorry I didn't send in a question I must have been sleeping or something!

I know how you feel about bitchy teachers. I went to a special High School for the arts (think FAME but not) and was so scarred by it that going to art college was no longer an option for me. Instead I moved to the UK and went for a degree in History and Archaeology, god talk about a 360!

Well that's what bullying does I guess.

I hope to be famous one day and write a tell-all book naming and shaming my bastard teachers!

prettyneons said...

haha yes do it pen that book! yeah where I went they didn't really encourage creative freedom,they hated it whenever I dared to think outside the box-correction their box.

prettyneons X

vint junky said...

i love that futureheads album too,
their kate bush cover is epic!


prettyneons said...

Indeed that cover is super good, I like the vid to it too,looks like so much fun!
prettyneons X

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