29 April 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Whoops appears I've jinxed the weather? With all my umbrella talk the other day,guess it doesn't take those English rain clouds much convincing to piss down (err that's a heavy down pour of rain to any of those outside of England which I sometimes baffle with my lazy slang,soz guys)and spit out those rain drops-drip-drop-drip *often followed by a,"shit I've just been sprayed by a passing lorry." People this is exactly why the modest umbrella is my beloved fashion accessory, and one I really can't do with out,especially when my hair is prone to extreme frizz fits...think Robert Plant(in the glory days of Led Zep)meets they- tried -to -make- me- go -to- rehab Amy Winehouse and you should by now have some sort of visual forming,no?
I don't mind the rain,if it's simply spitting as truth be told I love parading around town with my pinwheel pagoda,if I could use all my vintage umbrellas at once I no doubt would.
Yeah sure people will talk,possibly some hardcore chav (I have nothing against chavs,but hardcore chavs i.e ones right from that comedy 'Shameless' are tragic.What other word do you use for some idiots who spend their afternoons in car parks downing 60p basic brand larger?)may just get up in my face and begin dishing out large portions of verbal abuse.I like to seek my revenge by asking,"how do you spell those censored words?" It gets them every time,and they crawl off back to the car park.And no the above chav drama wasn't a fictional event.I'm over it.

board by prettyneons

I've always be known as the nutty umbrella girl,I'm forever topping up my umbrella collection and each of them have a forename too,though I'm not crazy enough (yet) to give my umbrellas surnames. Now that would be taking things too far.I collect both vintage and highstreet umbrellas,the last umbrella I purchased was from Superdrugs cost just £3,and has a colourful cheery icecream print,whenever I put this umbrella up it puts a huge smile on my glum 'can't believe it's raining-again' face.The icecream print always has me craving cookie dough icecream for some unknown reason? My second most prized umbrella ell ella (it had to be done) is my vintage crayon red ruffled umbrella,which has this beautiful antique style handle:the details are incredible and it's just quite special to me,as silly as that may seem.I found my ruffled umbrella on this gorgeous webby dedicated to vintage umbrellas.I stumbled upon this website after watching The Notebook, I clocked this lovely bridal parasol so I slowed down the credits (too much spare time back then, obviously)and there was the website that transformed my life HA!Bellaumbrella,have a whole array of styles from pagoda's,pretty bridal parasols,decorative ruffled umbrellas to your classic print umbrella, and each time I browse this site they have added another lot of umbrella's.Inspired by today's dead weather and depressing puddles I selected some of my favourite vintage umbrellas
...never before has the rain been so much fun huh!?
So which one out of this fine bunch is your favourite umbrella?Mine? It has to be the chartreuse floral pagoda.


vint junky said...

Gorgeous picks honey,a while ago i seen a blogger pic of a girl with a beautiful oversized moschino umbrella, it was too gooood!!

prettyneons said...

oooohhh a moschino umbrella? *Lush*



Lucy Laucht said...

Lovely illustration, do you draw them? Lucy Laucht

prettyneons said...

Hi Lucy wow thanks , yeah I dable with pencils every once in a while.
prettyneons x

TaraRose said...

youuuu have such an amazing blog. my eyess were peeled to the sketches for a while. i love themmm.

Vintage Vixen said...

I do love a vintage umbrella, I've got a pot of them in the hallway..trouble is most are holey and for posing only.
After a month of glorious sunshine it's so bloody depressing to open the curtains and see puddles and grey skies...boo!

prettyneons said...

I know right? It's rubbish, it's like when Englad gets two weeks of warm sunshine we brit's must be punished with two months of bloody rain!

prettyneons x

prettyneons said...

erm *England* rather...I'm not with it today!x

kirstyb said...

im sooooo fed up of the rain xxxx

Margaux. said...

I love the pink floral umbrella!

prettyneons said...

agreed hehehe ;)

prettyneons x