23 April 2010

Broken Bows

Why hello for I have returned as promised I'm back online for good ,( or atleast until my broadband provider makes another epic fuck up of an error-excuse the censored language) so as you may already know from my last speedy post, when I moved instead of my broadband provider simply reconnecting my connection to my new address they disconnected me and canceled my account altogether. On the plus side I get two months free,however (...now I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here but heck)I write fantastic complaint letters and can argue/debate until the cows come home,so I penned a note to said broadband provider expressing my rage (using fancy words and all)at being cut off from the outside world for a month,and just gained three months free (I know my consumer rights)result. Man perhaps I should ditch fashion/art return to 'higher education' and have a shot at law? My folks always tried to convince me of that career route when I was a teen...anywhos I'm back I'm back I'M BACK JOY!

Now where on earth to begin this post?I have so so much to pen about and a fashion rant which I'm eager and desperate to write,however I don't wish to kick off my first post after a month with such well, anger.No no I want to send out good happy vibes.
So it was my birthday the end of march and I had some cash to burn,though because I'm often broke,skint and generally poor when I do have notes to spend I often panic and don't know what to do with the stuff,I've never been much of an impulse buyer, perhaps on a very rare occasion I'll grab a bottle of nail paint.
I browsed the shops around where I now live,to my delight there's a Newlook twelve minutes from my front door,both a good and a bad thing if you know what I mean?
I rummaged through the four long sale rails,at first thing's were looking bleak with no double digit sizes available only size eight's,which to be frank I couldn't even squeeze my boob into.What? I couldn't!I skipped the sale and headed towards the shoes (I don't require double digits in shoes)when my mum informed me like this,"oh wow look, look over here faulty stock from £2 upwards look!"
Yep I got that sharp thrift eye of mine from Mrs prettyneon it seems?
I went over to investigate what my dear mum was getting all excited about, and hat off to her she discovered a beaut of a summer dress,which I cannot take the credit for as it was my mum not me that found this gem on the rail...

all photos by prettyneons

OK so admittedly this garment is in need of some TLC,this only cost an amazing £1.99
as you can see the zip is broken,this dress is also a few sizes too big for me a size 18.I'm a size 12 hit and miss depending where it is I shop: for example I fail to fit in Topshop's size 12 which if you measure them are actually a size 10 (trust me I pattern cut).
This dress was too good to dismiss it has my favourite thing printed all over the fabric-bows!At the moment this dress is sitting on my DIY heap,on my desk as I'm dedicating this weekend to complete and finish all four DIY projects,hmm too ambitious?I purchased a bright red zip to insert,red for a pop of unexpected colour,I've also picked up a packet of red baby pompoms which I'm going to stitch and cover one collar with.Oh yeah my mum's eagle eye also spotted the chunky studded belt (above) in Oxfam-50p,she's pretty good huh?Hence why she's my favourite person,hands down.

Looks as if my weekend will mostly consist of the following,working on all DIY fashion projects,blogging,commenting,blogging,reading blogs,stalking fashion ('tis good to have the Internet back) and going for one big walk.I can walk for miles tomorrow I'm walking 10 miles and stopping along the way for a much deserved picnic and slice of cake,assuming the wasps don't beat me to it?On Sunday I'm having a BQ in my yarden (yard slash small garden-yarden)veg burgers and sausages for moi real meaty bangers for everyone else.In between sewing,walking and burning sausages on the barb I also intend on baking some white chocolate and raspberry cookies.Yes I'm 24 going on 60,but it's all good fun!
What are you lot getting up to this fine sunny weekend?Most importantly have you dug out those rock star sun shades yet?

peace X


daisychain said...

holy crap have I missed you! xxx

Em x said...

I'm so glad you're back!! I love that dress, the red zip will look brilliant on it. Thanks for the comment, my big news is that i'm pregnant, shocking but exciting! Hope everything is going well for you xxx

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Oh yeah.. my shades have been out many a time!

You'd b proud of my charity shop finds- check em out on my blog

Glad your back :)

have a fabby weeeeekeeeenD!!!!!!

peace n love xx

Helga! said...

Woohoooooo! What a delightful ramble!!Pretty frock.The whole sizing thing sucks big time!I'm anywhere between 12(unusual,but has happened)to 20(more unusual,but has also happened!)But generally a 14.Dumbass clothing companies.As for boobs......gah!

Charlie Jade said...

My housemate has that dress and it's super cute! I always think that floral/ditsy print dresses look great with a hard-edged belt and jewellery.
Ironically I've spent the last few days of sunshine wearing my neon green fake ray bans!!
Cj X

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

My gosh I missed you sooooo much!!! So happy to have you back! I actually got all excited when I saw your comment on my post. The dress is lovely and the red zipper would do great, so give it some love! Hope all is going swell now that you've moved. =)


prettyneons said...

Oh chucks (did I really just use the word chucks?),I've missed you all too!And I'm not just saying that for blogs sakes I really have,I've had a blast catching up on posts...man I've missed this place ha!
prettyneons X