27 April 2010

Animal Bar

All aboard the ship
'Cause you're gonna need an ark
When the wet comes down
You'll be swimming like a shark
Mopping up the pain and
I'm a little older
Right as rain
At the animal bar

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I don't know what's to blame for my obsession with all things animal print?Is it because a)I have the Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Animal Bar' on repeat (I bloody love the lyrics to this song!)b)I recently visited the zoo or c)Somewhere deep down there's still my inner six year old self "who wants to be a vet when she grows up"
Either way animal prints are dominating my wardrobe right now,the rails are almost collapsing under the weight of owls,tigers,eagles,elephants (I have this great tattoo style elephant print tee,which I 'won' on ebay two years ago,it's the first and only prize I have ever won ever in my life.Could say I treasure it more like trophy then a tee),and zebra's.My wardrobe has more animal action going on than London Zoo.Raw!
My animal print addiction became so extreme in the end my big sister had to intervene,"I'm becoming concerned with your fetish for leopard print.And it is a fetish,I mean how much more leopard print do you really want?" I chose to ignore her fashion advice and continued, or continue to adopt zebra's ...zebra print not actual zebra's this would be foolish.I find the best leopard print gear in thrift stores and car boots,not too long ago I snagged this acid pink zebra print top which had some mighty impressive shoulder pads,(I ripped the padding out,shoulder pads may have made a brief return but they are not welcome in my wardrobe,besides I'm too short to pull off shoulder pads successfully they make me look like a square cube slash transformer,with dead arms).In the past three years or so I've also obtained snake print ankle boots aka my glamrock booties, zebra print chain shoulder bag ( '07bargain buy in TK Maxx),leopard print double breasted coat ( '09 belated Xmas gift to myself,belated because I couldn't afford the full price so sat and waited patiently for the January sale)and my most recent animal purchase is a funny cropped T-shirt, that has this print of a dapper cat dressed up in those amusing Kanya West acid coloured shades.Can't recall where I discovered this T-shirt?I believe it was some American online fashion website,their version of Primark...damn what is it called?Anyway I purchased the cat T-shirt way back in February,so it's about that time again where I tune into my animal instinct and contribute once again to my zoodrobe (...err get it?I know right,smart word play *coughs*).

Out of all the above I'm inclined to opt for the falcon tee,the print is fierce and my zoodrobe is lacking in the fierce falcon department.Secondly I pick the stag cropped top, for the same reason as before: I have no stag print tops,plus I want to be able to declare,"I own a frigging stag!" thirdly I bag the Marc Jacobs leopard print bag, right so I have more chance of bumping into Kings Of Leon down my local supermarket (hey Nathan fancy seeing you down here in the biscuit section. Could you pass me the HobNobs? Cheers hun)however I'm allowed to dream.

1.animal tank dress

2.falcon tee



5.stag crop tee

6.Peacock T-shirt

7.Marc Jacobs

P.S...Who else has a zoodrobe?


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

I have a desire for a raaar fur coat it bugs me why i haven't bought one- you did though huh

The bands ohh the bands, i have a few treats coming your way so keep you eye's peeled, Edinburgh bands are getting big so watch this space for

Anytime you in Edinburgh i will get you along lassie xx

Margaux. said...

(this is in response to your comment on my last post!)
I actually want to be a fashion stylist, rather than a designer. But since I live in a small town there aren't a ton of fashion opportunities, so I'm in a fashion & textiles program because I figured any fashion knowledge at all would be helpful!

Cap'n NikNak said...

Hello! welcome baaaaack! How/ was the move/ is the move going? Thank you for the comment eee i love buttons woooo hehe
:) Blogging world = fun fun :)
I like animal prints i like how you've taken a different 'take' on it!
I love the peacock t-shirt!
On animal prints though i HATE people who wear or buy or export fur or animal skin. I think its very very stupid! grrrr
Anyways welcome back dude :) ♥
Look forward to reading your posts (yay!!!!)

prettyneons said...

Oh cheers niknak ;)
Oh by the by I don't dig real animal fur either eekk no no no.I feel guilty wearing leather,but nothing NOTHING could convince me to wear real fur.
prettyneons X