08 October 2010

Weekend Crush'in

Why the one week hiatus? Do you remember my go casual for one week dare? Inflicted on me by my 'friend' who is a great believer in skinny jeans and rock & roll tee's, the 'friend' who egged me on playground style to indulge and become bff with denim. Yes well all the experimenting with dressing down left me for dead,casual left me defeated and by day four I surrounded by skipping around in my floaty floral frock, waving an anti-denim anti-casual flag created by recycling my denim jeans (never again peoples, I indeed committed a crime)you know just thinking of the environment and all that green jazz!
I'm still recovering from my casual/denim break down, I fear these mental wounds may never truly heal: I had an alarming nightmare in which several pairs of jeans and other casual items formed into this double denim blue beast, it invaded my wardrobe when Alexa Chung (like my nightmare couldn't become any worse)appeared and began to lecture me on all things 'cool' and casual forcing me to watch T4 before setting fire to my collection of dresses. To pick myself up from the deep depressing depths of fashion hell that is casual, I've made a weekend wish list to banish all memories of denim jeans forever!(insert smug/evil loud laugh)forever I tell you! Beginning with Peacocks who have an epic 20 % sale discount on everything including sale items.

I'm crushin like I've never crushed before (does that sound wrong?)on Peacocks Victorian floral bag and tanned heeled brogues,eekk and have you seen the pretty authentic Pearl dress? Have ya, have ya, have ya?! Now I have no intentions of waking up early tomorrow,dragging my feet to the nearest bus stop (which err isn't very near at all) and squeezing onto the packed sweaty Saturday bus full of screaming kids and oddballs.Hell no I'm killing two birds with one stone...catching up on shut eye followed by abusing the Peacocks 20 % off sale online from the comfort of my bedroom whoop, whoop. No sore feet,stuffy changing rooms or migraine's caused by bemused, bored screaming toddlers for me. Insert another whoop HERE.


daisychain said...

Ohhhh Sammy Pants,
now I'm gonna spend money and it's ALL YOUR FAULT

jtz said...

lol, your posts always make me laugh! I'm loving Peacocks bags and shoes right now