23 November 2010

Can't Speak French

Remember how yesterday I was quite excited about my recent fashion find all thanks to the dentist? Well multiply that sheer excitement by ooh I don't know say a billion? And that's how ecstatic I am about my further finds on Derhy.The website is fantastic bursting with gem after gem, no clogs or coats with bits of sheep fluff stuck to them(I really dislike most of this years Autumn/Winter trends simply not my cup of tea: no offense sheep or sheep lovers each to their own).I've never seen such a mind blowing array of dresses and adorable fun Tops, all splashed with the most vibrant prints.One day into my Derhy investigation I've learned that it's french...do you know how distraught I am that I ditched my french lessons back in the school days. Gutted.Fear not as the website can of course be translated, phew!
However, I still very much want to pack up and relocate to France. Where's my fashion passport at? Until that day arrives the Derhy website will have to make do I guess...how do you sigh in french?



daisychain said...

I got confused when I saw it was in French,
and then found a magic button that made it English! Woot.


Glowing Doll said...

That Rabbit T-shirt is awesome. I can read a little French but that's not saying much at all considering that I was forced to take it in school from ages 4-14. I must have mush for brains!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Ok these are just incredible!!! I'm loving every one of them!


And I can't speak french lolz

prettyneons said...

oh good I'm not the only one who is crap at french :)

MStyle said...

I have a friend who speaks fluent french...rather than having her teach me I'm thinking I'll just make her come over and translate it for me while I'm buying that amazing rabbit t-shirt!! LOVE IT!

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