26 November 2010

Getting theatrical

So we all know what this time of year consists of in terms of fashion, as sadly from September onwards this seasons trends all become a little predictable no need to style.com it. We all know the fashion drill already. In the following order...purple sequins,purple sequins and erm more lashings of purple sequins.Bored now. Or so I would usually be come this time of year, when every shop window merges into one giant sequin scene (if not sequin slaughter?).After paying much attention to the high street windows I've noticed that this season is fresh new and exciting finally those dusty sequins have been shaken off the A/W ritual is over, by introducing more textures and more style options than perhaps ever before. From rich brocade velvets,pleats,leather,Victorian inspired lace designs and vintagesque embellished old school glamorous fifties inspired frocks.All can be found in Pearl Lowe's new collection for Peacocks.


It's no secret that I adore Pearl Lowe's designs as many times I've sat here gushed, swooned and preached on and on and on about how excited I get whenever a new collection is revealed as I tick off and count down the days, obsessively checking out the Peacocks website for updates or sneaky peek glances.Oh and I have a slight style crush on Daisy Lowe too.But the latest installment of Pearl Lowe makes all previous collections look drab, I love the theatrical touches and grown up Gothic details and what with those festive celebrations approaching it's time to get organised and avoid the December mayhem.So I am instead doing some festive clickingI must,must, MUST act quick before any size 12/14's vanish (I made this mistake last time and cried a few tears into my pillow)and I have done just that.By mocking up my Xmas day ensemble (see above)using computer magic i.e photoshop,though some more tweaks may yet be made I'm undecided about the heart bag and I think there's too much blue going on...a festive smurf is not what I'm aiming to achieve.I may break it up with another colour? One thing is for sure the shoes I'm definitely adding to basket and the dress shall soon be on it's way, eekk I can't wait, oh the shallow, materialistic bliss!


daisychain said...

Oooh I love the designs! x

Glowing Doll said...

love the dress in the first pic

Filipa said...

Hey! I completely agree with your frustration over sequins and 'party christmas frocks'.. it's like they have no imagination.. one just knows what magazines like glamour and the likes will be pluggin come september.. I'm so glad my reading days with them are over,and now I read blogs which have way more imagination! :)

MStyle said...

Your outfit for Christmas is to-die-FOR. Simply amazing. The dress is perfection...I want one!

So much better than those blinding sequin dresses you mentioned. Christmas party's would be incredibly fashionable if everyone dressed like you ;)

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knalleffekt said...

really cool pics

leather jackets said...

I love the dress too... and the shoes. x