22 November 2010

Falling in love

I don't often blog on the go, as mobile reception is super slow around here. However I felt compelled to declare my love for Derhy.com which I've just discovered at the dentist of all places. I've never considered the dentist to be a fashion hub of exciting news/trends etc.
I should probably explain as I have about 20 minutes before they poke, push and pull my teeth around in there...the dreaded dentist room with the even more feared dentist chair ekk! Must distract and separate myself from this grim clinical reality, like right now!
I browse through an impressive selection of magazines while I await my fate (erm two fillings-bottom teeth *ouch* they kill the most),no Heat or OK mags here which are far worse than any dentist procedure in my humble opinion anyway. I can't believe anyone reads them things? Page after page of Z-list celeb 'miracle fat busting' diets and tacky celeb love 'triangles' oh the drama.
I'm rambling. Ahh yes so I pick up Style magazine, when a thin book slips out and falls on my lap, immediately the front cover grabs my attention or my inner free spirited hippie's attention anyway.Why what is this? My investigation begins not a second to waste, hmm some brand called Derhy? I'm oblivious to Derhy yet I'm already in love and want to be nothing more than a Derhy girl (just look below and your no doubt appreciate why to be a Derhy girl is my new shallow ambition) when I grow up.

images Derhy.com

...I must dash off now to the dentist chair, my investigation and research into Derhy continues.

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daisychain said...

good luck with the dentist sam!