23 November 2011


Every year around this chilly time,I experience SSAD.Seasonal.Style.Affect.Drought.
In other words 'tis depressing times right this moment my fellow fashion victim peeps(whop look at me dropping a retro word...does anyone still say peeps?),a sorry phase I fail miserably at avoiding every winter,i.e organising my wardrobe for the fierce bbbbrrrrrr's of winter.Stuck in a state of denial.I drag out the use of spring/summer dresses/skirts/play suits/shorts/chiffon blouses e-t-c's for as long as I possibly can,for as long as my body will tolerate.Today there is no ignoring the plummeting temperatures outside.Seeing my own breath escape from the mouth became a constant reminder that winter has indeed arrived,she's here and she's bullying me into ditching my summer wardrobe by torturing my legs and knees with frost bite.Ouch.It stings like a bitch.Huff.
The thought of having to put my summer threads away and into to hibernation is sending me into deep depression.Bye bye's my beloved summer beaut's such as the head scarf (I'm down one now,as my favourite vintage pink poodle print silk scarf blew away.Yesterday afternoon when mother nature cruelly snatched it off me unexpectedly.*Cries into pillow),sleeveless dresses,floaty fabrics,peep toe pumps and my ice cream print sun glasses.
Do excuse me whilst I dab the stream of tears running down my face.
Ugrgh.Slog,I need to consider buying for the many cold days and general numbness which is ultimately going to come my way.The candy coloured chiffon's I collected over the summer time ain't gonna cut it and protect me from the harsh December elements.Here is where I always lack the inspiration and that kick start oompphh if you like?The encouragement to run into the shops.Purse at the ready and get stuck into winter clothes shopping.When all the high street has to offer me is a dismal display of the same tiresome LBD'S,embellished body-cons,and fucking frightening animal patterned jumpers...their not kooky,not kitch and most the time such knitwear only resembles messy,ugly road kill.Leave it alone.That includes the demented looking panda hats too.Is it any wonder the high street makes me shudder this time of year?


Hello!Look around.Everywhere you turn it's festive tack,after more festive tack.Okay fashion we get it.Understood it's almost Xmas.The part I don't understand is why you seem to believe were all eager to pull ourselves into some horrid OTT sequin Lycra number.Or plonk a wonky eyed/eared panda or fox on our head?Baffling.
I'm not willing to compromise my existing style to keep snug,or exchange all pretty attractive things for plain old practicality.
So lets all hail ASOS and throw a big thank you hug around the ASOS angels,for their awsome winter warmers.An almighty explosion of fun bright colours,giant polka-dots,leopard print collars and playful pom pom scarfs.December needn't be a drag,nor does winter have to equal a sloggish style drought.With this array of Asos winter warmers (above)I'm about ready to embrace the season of bbbbbbbrrrrr's.

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