21 November 2011


As far as tv series go I can take them or leave them i.e Mad Men...not fussed.
Ah ha so you think I'm trying to be awkward and all controversial with my dislike towards Mad Men,well,I'm not it simply bored me to tears the styling/costume not enough to with hold my attention.The styling in Gossip Girl had me temporarily smitten,I'd secretly flick over and tune in to teen tv just out of curiosity,'Oohh what will Blair and the goss girls be wearing?'Young Blair's(series one)kooky prep ensembles convinced me to give head/hair accessories and bright lipstick a whirl.Cringe worthy huh?When a tv show becomes a form of inspiration...
I.look.Ridiculous.In.Alice bands.Never repeat that mistake again.Moving on swiftly,don't forget to remember:never allow another glossy American tv series fool you.Oh look.Whoops I've been sucked in by Pan Am.Yep once again I'm styling myself under the influence of a slick,styled American tv series.BBC 2 I hate you right now,for introducing me to the likes of Kate(Kelli Garner)and her ultra glam,perfect Pan Am posse.Those drop dead gorgeous girls you see below?Yeah that's them-obvs.

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I've an instant and insane screaming style craving for dainty shoes(strictly kitten heels only)over sized cat eye shaped sunnies (what!?Sun glasses may be required for this December...what with global warming bubbling away)peek-a-boo petticoats,soft pastel coloured accessories,silk scarves,box hand bags,blouses,bows and finally shit loads of feminine,frilly, flirty and very fitted vintage dresses.Pan Am is hardcore vintage porn,which frankly needs to be censored.'Tis not for the faint hearted nor the weak willed.In fact word of advice.Avoid watching Pan Am if you are prone to vintage binges and want to keep your bank account healthy.For this vintage junkie it's gone too far,it's too late I blame Kate(swoons,the secret Pan Am spy)for what is about to become,heck already is my new tv obsession and huge,huge girl crush.
Is my crush on Kate premature,it only being two episodes in and all?Nah.Should I begin dressing under the influence?Get all experimental with orange blusher and rock prom-dresses in the day?Yes.Will I ever learn my lesson with these attractive American tv shows?No.Because damn iiiittt!They're too seductive.

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