18 November 2011


Gasp!Did anyone else catch the feature in Femail?The one about how most us gals ditch our style once we've departed from singleton to settled down with a serious long term boy?No,no,no.NO surely not ladies?Who on earth investigates such pressing *cough* matters?I refuse to believe any fashion slut would give up the fashion/style game to please her anti-Vogue-bashing boyfriend,what and resort to a pair of comfy yet ugly as hell ugg boots and slouchy jogger bottom combo.Yikes.Love is blind,huh?
The feature (for those of you who have better things to do other than read the femail section in the mail),compiled a 'case study' (...hold up,so there are women who are willing to compromise their individual style for a T-shirt and jean bloke,eh?)of ten ladies who cut their love affair with their favourite fashion items short.To keep their boy all pleased.Baffling,absolutely and completely.
Love is a compromise and the best of times,but rejecting your beloved heels for a him?Really?REALLY?Tuts all the way...
Him's will come and go,wardrobes my love struck females will forever remain loyal and play a big part in your life.Umm depending on what level/scale of materialistic your at?Me honestly I'm probably somewhere inbetween a five,sixish outta ten.
Have no shame!...my very own fashion flirts with brogues have often caused some friction with the males.Case study one.The science boy.Yes,we were both doomed from the start whilst he debates over molecules and I over MiuMiu:I heard of that age old opposites attract theory and went with it Okay?

...All was well with science boy and I,we bonded over Sci-fi and Simon Peg films his ramblings of atoms and other bits of science stuff (ignorance can be the ultimate best friend at times)both amused and intrigued me.One titchy prob-lem-ohh's he was yet to discover I worked in the fashion industry...keeping it a temporary dirty little secret for fear of instantly being stereotyped,though I do a pretty good job of doing that myself,"Vogue?" quizzed SB when he investigated my book shelf.
Deep breath give the ghost up time.Come clean,spill it confess all the fashion industry.A yadda,yadda,yadda...and wait for the mockery.Right on cue the cute (to begin with anyway)fashion taunts and teasing began.SB couldn't appreciate my weekly fix of glossy fashion magazines,or understand the mathematics behind highstreet,vintage and thrift,"Them shoes are funny looking you know,those ones with the laces the school teacher thingy shoes,yeah I don't like them.I hate them actually."

illustration flickr

Brogues I explained to SB are my beloved choice of footwear and here to stay stuck for all eternity in my style diet sticking like molecules.Learn to love the brogue or tolerate and just keep mouth shut so we can continue where ever us may be going?Not very far at all,"So you read this fashion trend crap and go shopping to dress up and look like the skinny skeleton girls right?Doesn't it become exhausting being a fashion victim?" Ah,no he didn't.SB attempted to sway me away from such fashion victimzines.I tried to convert him from National Geographic to Nylon,I enjoy an unrealistic challenge and seeing him frown over fashion jargon was a big plus too.One Sunday afternoon SB crossed the line.That's right he trespassed over and into my wardrobe,scooped up my piles of "school teacher footwear" and cruelly pushed them towards the dark black corners of my wardrobe.Boy or the brogues was never going to be an option.The boy had to go.Pronto,like lightening speed.The brogues stayed put!

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