23 October 2011


Pink the stuff of seven year old girls dreams and dolls houses.Pink the only colour in the colour wheel that is subject to ageism.Pink poor,poor colour pink often finds itself (or herself,hmm?) tied up with THAT classic stereotype:*clue in close relation to the whole dumb blonde one...shall we blame her,the world famous Barbie doll?The colour pink isn't sophisticated,it's silly in comparison to all the other hundreds of colours,and after one has exited their childhood years the colour pink should be erased,packed up,abandoned and all together forgotten about along with Ken and Barbie.Alas pink is the only colour (to my knowledge),which has become somewhat a bit of a taboo.I know for sure I'm not the only woman who is a wee bit obsessed with the colour.There's lots of us out there who swoon over a LPD (little pink dress)and have easily more than two pink items stashed away somewhere in the wardrobe.Hiding no doubt behind or underneath the more grown up shades of fashions.Why do we feel so compelled to conceal our love for all things painted pink?Will it ever be socially acceptable to blatantly boast of being completely smitten and tingled...pink?Or will we(my fellow pink fans) be mocked and she (pink) be forever dismissed as nothing other than uncool and destined only for an eternity of plastic-fantastic Barbieness?
Wrong.Seems she our secret favourite colour may just be having a mini fashion moment,horrahs!This time shes returned all grown up in lace,leather,metal studs and killer heels.So Barbie back off,pink just got too hot for you to handle...

board prettyneons


daisychain said...

YES PLS to those ear muffs!

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