18 October 2011


'Was my suggestion really that absurd?',I ask myself as one of my customers enters the changing room looking a wee bit daunted by the prospect of test driving (so to speak) a dash of deep magenta,to spike up her selection of black-on-black winter warmer basics.I'm not dissing those essential A/W basics at some point or other they will become our best friend as we layer up,preparing ourselves for the inevitable snow blizzards,however why opt for the black skinny jeans when you can enjoy a sharp hit of super brights?Waiting the other side of the changing room door,I suspect the woman is not much impressed by my decision to,let's go with edit?Her original garment options of black-on-black-on- top- of- yet- more -black,I felt compelled to intervene on the simple basis that as a fashion sales/style advisor I'm sick to death of spotting women taking the easy A/W option of black,urgh frustrating.Hello ladies black isn't even a colour,come on!
"Wow,it works,Mmm I've changed my mind I'm leaving black behind...thought I'd look daft in such a bold colour this time of the year and everything.Thanks very much for being a great,great help!"Panic over with,she likes and I'm chuffed to see her take the coloured skinny jeans over to the till point,leaving behind the many shades of erm,black on the rejection clothes rail...

board prettyneons

Why do we find it so very difficult to bin the black?Okay it's pouring it down outside,still must we allow such miserable weather conditions dampen and distort our crush on colour?When the weather is bleak I can't help but crank up the colour volume,the higher and brighter the better job it does of distracting my attention from the thick blackish grey clouds that loom up above my head.To eliminate and altogether erase colours from our A/W style diet fails to make any logic to me...swapping reds,pinks,blues,yellows etc's for sorry shades of grey?Self inflicting seasonal affect disorder on ourselves and our colour/print deprived wardrobe,eh,what is all that about?Why is not wearing black such a stubborn style/fashion hurdle that many of us can't grasp thus tumbling into a depressing downward spiral of darks-blues,greys,b-l-a-c-k-s forever playing it safe.Sticking like glue to our good old,trusty,reliable and familiar autumn/winter plain cardigans and of course black jeans/leggings and jeggings let us not forget those biege ugg boots.YAWN'AH.Is it not about time we depart from traditional dull A/W trend and traditions?I'm not demanding you to dive into an array of loud clashing prints and neon wellies (though that does sound like fun and very appealing),dip your toes into coloured opaques,coat your nails with gold varnish paint,buy that bright blue duffel coat.If your a little autumn/winter colour timid and fearful of fully committing yourself to such high doses of colour and print?Why not experiment and dabble with the humble accessory?When your feeling more confident and brave,step into a pair of killer red suede shoe boots.Before you know it your soon be not-wearing-black.Boom.On the bright side you have arrived.

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