17 October 2011


I adore autumn!There's numerous reasons why I heart this chilly season I love how the pavement is graffitied by mother nature with splashes of orange,reds,yellows and coppers courtesy of the delicate leafs which shower down,an exciting reminder that Halloween and fire work night is around the corner.Enough of the tree hugging deep musings...on a more shallow style note,autumn indicates the end of a wave of fashion sins (stop reading now if your a maxi kinda gal)i.e tiresome 'classic' summer statement pieces.Which never fail to utterly bore the hell out of me.Leaving the wardrobe and I feeling a bit jaded and bemused.Paisley printed maxi dresses, espadrilles,and tribal themed accessories I'm talking to you!Meh meh meh-meh.
That's all I wish to say to you lot.I really hope those fashion magazine A/W trend predictions fall flat on their face...maxi dresses following right through to autumn:don't go spoil my autumn fun trend setters.And boooooo to the maxi massive crews out there who insist on keeping this trend going strong,just please take a moment to consider the under average height woman (*cough* yes that would be bitter I)for the maxi causes nothing other than misery for us.For they will forever be out of bounds,due to the hazardous indications involved.Tripping and tumbling over the long hem...it's about time us shorties and maxi haters unite,kick up a fuss and crank up the A/W trend rebellion.Say no to maxi skirts,maxi dresses and the maxi mania in general,it taunts us all summer long and to discover it may just stick around and taunt us during autumn/winter is like Vogues idea of a sick,sick joke.
Whilst it's still mild and ever so slightly sunny outside be bold,be brave and do the unthinkable my friends...go short.Allow opaque and knitted tights to be your new best friend,yes there's a very high and real possibility of receiving amused frowns from strangers.And yes they will regard and write you off as being both highly delusional and stuck in a state of seasonal denial as you shiver after work waiting for your train/bus/taxi to roll up and save your knees and ankles from frost bite.But were in this fashion revolution together,I'll go first with this Mondays totally weather inappropriate outfit (see below).

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My items...
Heart print skirt,£4.50 thrift
Shoulder purse,£3.00,thrift

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