12 May 2010

Fashion For Food

Mid morning and so far today nothing and I mean nothing has gone right:this morning my hairdryer exploded on me,my stairs tripped me up and my tights split on me (despite all my efforts to prevent laddering them... would you believe it was a brush with the umbrella that killed my new pair of tights?!)No big deal I know when you consider people in the third world trying their best to just survive,or the homeless seeking a box for shelter (...erm yeah you get the idea already), but when you have a fresh fierce cold silly minor incidents such as laddering of tights seems just so epic and dramatic.Common sense abandons you,placing one foot in front of the other requires extra concentration and stamina,as for multi-tasking ha! Are you kidding me? Being able to talk and walk at the same time is an award worthy achievement for me today,roll out that red carpet.
Come late afternoon I'm craving sweet sugar, fat filled comfort food,chocolate lot's of it,vegetarian subway with extra chili sauce,extra mayo extra everything please and thank you.I need artifical energy to carry me through the remaining day, hell I predict it's going to be a long one,and so my usual diet of soup,crackers,milkshake and fruit isn't going to cut it.Finally lunch time arrives,and sticking to my guns I aim for subway on my journey I ponder over serious issues,'hmm do I dare order a footlong?Could I consume a sub of that size?Will I get a free cookie?What the...Fifty percent off DP sale?No way.Get out!'

You've probably figured out what happened next?My attention was diverted from subway to DP,whether you believe it or not, I had no real intentions of purchasing any sale items,I'm not one of those impulse buyers I don't buy just for the sake of buying, as it makes me feel greedy, dirty and wrong.Like some foolish kid who blows all their saved up pocket money on pic&mix sweets.But like that sweet tooth kid curiosity got the better of me, I felt compelled to have a quick looksee no harm can come of it right? Just ten minutes in- and- out before grabbing a bite to eat from subway.
Those damn red sale stickers sucked me in,I left my willpower at the door it's too late now no going back from here.The sale rails embraced me and I in return embraced them, before I could even do the walk of shame over to the check out point I noticed my cold had improved.Could it be I found the cure for the common cold?Isn't it astonishing what a little dose of retail therapy can do? Before I go and hit the hay, a word of advice *never replace food with fashion I spent the rest of my day with one angry stomach because I foolishly replaced my subway sandwich with these instead...

photos by prettyneons


Em x said...

I love the tee. Please start doing Outfit posts, i'd love to see them so much. I hope you are doing ok and everything going ok in your new home x

pip a la chic said...

Oh the things we do for fashion hey? Cute top too x

Glowing Doll said...

Great finds!

prettyneons said...

Hi girls, I know I was pretty lucky to bag this tee and necklace

...and Em hun your so sweet!! I shall do an outfit post really I will!I'll try and get one done maybe today if not the weekend?

prettyneons x

daisychain said...

I love that tee! <3

vint junky said...

Ah hon, hate those kinda days. Of course retail therapy solves all ills!!

Hope u feel better soon xxx

Clare said...

Cute t shirt! Yay for outfit posts :)

tweet tweet tweet


prettyneons said...

Thanks clare, yeah I'm going to take a snap of me sometime soon maybe later today
prettyneons x

Mouthwash said...

i love the tee - it reminds me of Alexander McQueen. great find - and a great deal!


prettyneons said...

True, it is a bit McQueen, but believe me it isn't though I wish it was...still can't believe he isn't around any more :(
prettyneons x

Patricia Snook said...

Sales are SO HARD to resist! Fab items though. Love love love the tee.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I agree with Em x, outfit posts!


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

the top is awesome!
and cute necklace! :)

Annie Spandex said...

Cute top!