21 May 2010

Not Stepping into Summer

Sigh. Now I know I really shouldn't be sighing today, for the sun is out tis all good or at least it would be if I had a pair of summer shoes.
Today I've noticed many a summer wedge, peep toe and the humble clog (...it never became extinct so this fuss about the clogs 'return' is baffling moi)parading up and down the highstreet toes (good and verrry bad) all on display. And honestly hands up I'm feeling ever so slightly envious of other girls (noooo not toes, I do not have toe envy) summer footwear.
I've been disorganized in the footwear department,clinging onto my black studded ankle boots in denial that summer has indeed arrived:my feet are sweating it out in these leather boots, my toes gasping for air and the feel of cold grass it's blatantly obvious I can no longer drag my poor feet around in denial.It's time to invest in a pair of summer shoes, I'm not going to lie I utterly detest shopping for summer footwear. Why? Well because the weather is far from reliable, guaranteed soon as I depart from the shoe shop with my new box of shoes, it will rain, piss down and that's the end of our great(?) British summer, a whole oohh 48 hours.
And I begin to regret wasting my money,I should have just purchased a pair of cheap and cheerful flip flops...these are such pesky clumsy things though aren't they?
The last time I recall wearing flip flops, it was a nightmare experience.The back of the flipflop flicking sand up my leg, tripping over my own foot (on several occasions), tripping up the stairs, falling down the stairs before finally waving goodbye as I- accidentally -sort -of- on -purpose lost them in the sea.Just the word flipflop sends shivers down my spine and my toes curl up in fear.
Needless to say I'm much more a winter footwear girl.

board by prettyneons

However ankle boots just won't cut it.It's bloody hawwwt out there, I need to put my faith into sandals and take a break from boots (tear rolls down my face).
Now where to begin? Hmmm I'm not a huge fan of over the top cut out strap sandals, they look good, but just aren't practical for a number of reasons-feet slide around too much in them ,(I'm only a size four, my feet have recently shrunk along with my height no doubt?)my little toe pokes out (my little toe has a mind of it's own)and when my feet burn I'm left with rather fetching (?)striped suntan tattoo's.
Next summer foot wear option the mighty clog.Two summers ago I lived in clogs, I absolutely adored my small collection of clogs. Until one day, when out having a picnic I fell over and fell into an enormous rabbit hole.Now I have clog phobia, a symptom that has no effective treatment.
Guess that narrows my options down , so the casual wedge sandal it shall most likely be... well that or the glitter jelly sandal from primary school days!


daisychain said...

I love summer shoes, my feet do not!

prettyneons said...

haha, I know I find all summer shoes just such hard work!
They look pretty, and that's it....give me ankle boots anyday !

have a great weekend ;)

redheadfashionista said...

Ah, but some of the new season clogs have STRAPS! Everyone wins!
But yeah, I pretty much wear the same footwear all year round, like you. Ankle boots never age.

Margaux. said...

my jelly gladiators are my favorite summer shoe

Twila said...

haha I use to wear boots all the time even in summer. Ppl thought something was wrong with my feet. But this summer I am loving wedges especially the floral one and the brown leather one with color details you just posted! Love it. You should start a breakfast hat club of your own and we can be club sisters! if you are ever in Cajun Country you are more than welcomed to join us!


prettyneons said...

awww bless you! Thanks I shall take you up on that offer, if ever I'm down there <3

Glowing Doll said...

Summer shoes are always so friggin uncomfortable or dangerous.

Not to mention the horrendous blisters caused by nearly every pair of sandals known to man (There's a lot to be said for shoes that you can wear socks with.

I can empathise with the rabbit hole incident as I too am always falling over.

kirstyb said...

love it x