18 May 2010

Place Bid

Ebay, ebay, ebay I recall when I would dedicate whole weekends clicking through hundreds of pages, stalking bids, and be over the moon when that little message appeared -'Congratulations You've Won', making me feel all special and warm inside like a new crush.
Admittedly I fell out of love with ebay, it was a bitter break up. I placed a bid and won this delicate Topshop boutique lace antique style dress, for an amazing £30.I was ecstatic, smug and super excited (if not hyper)about 'winning' it. I waited hours, days, weeks and months for my winning prize to arrive through that letter box,constantly quizzing the post man (poor guy)of it's whereabouts as if he had any bloody clue!
My prize never did appear, ebay stood me up and left me hanging, or rather sitting depressed on the door mat head in my hands distraught and defeated I'd been in love with that lace dress for two months,talking about it, dreaming about it I wanted IT so very badly it hurt.Ebay broke my heart, and I made a pledge to myself never to visit ebay ever again, it's over-period.

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One year on and curiosity got the better of me, an ebay add popped up on my screen like an old chum returning into my life, I decided to catch up. Anxious due to that past nightmare experience, I took things slowly one-step-at-a-time I'm not prepared to be let down twice besides I've only recently recovered from the last does of ebay drama, heck I was one step away from rehab!
Straight away ebay greeted me with seductive fashion outlet sales, knock off designer bag's five quid, erm does this include the poor quality stitching? I ignored the 'designer' sales, and began my ebay recovery with searching 50's frocks. Within no time I felt as if ebay and I never parted, drama? What drama?After stumbling upon some quirky gems (see above) I'm finally willing to forgive and forget just how ebay betrayed me in the first place. I'm ready to commit and that commitment begins with a small wee bid on a bright and bold Hawaii print 50's vintage style mini dress. Let the bidding war commence!


Twila said...

Crazy how we have the same ideas of decorating!! What happens if your order doesnt come in and you paid for it. Does the seller get in trouble? I have never ordered off of ebay.


prettyneons said...

hi i know its crazy!
As for the ebay thingy, yeah you report it to ebay and they deal with it from there. i think this kind of thing is pretty rare though, i was just unlucky i guess.
prettyneons x

daisychain said...

I go through phases with ebay, right now its a must do thing each damn day haha, such an epic time waster x

prettyneons said...

hahaha ! yeah true, it is an epic time waster indeed, I always use to flick through ebay on sunday afternoons shouting at the screen at a pair of killer shoes,when I'd been defeated and lost the bid war...it left me feeling quite stressed on mondays!

Em x said...

I can spend hours on ebay, i love it. I always randomly bit on things that are 99p, have had some fab bits and some crap but if its crap i just resell it on.

prettyneons said...

hahaha I like the way you think Em ;)
prettyneons xxx