19 May 2010

Pencil Full Of Lead

Yep once again I've pinched lyrics for my post title this time it's from Paolo Nutini as this song is perfect to some up today's events. I've been sat at my desk since 7am creating moodboards,creating colourways,sampling materials and drawing up a few possible print and embroidery designs. Sometimes drawing/designing etc can be a bit hit or miss, I've stared at my wall for hours before achieving nothing,taking my frustration out on pencils by biting or snapping them in half (perhaps I should consider anger management!?).
However none of the above occurred today, hoorrray! As I'm beginning to run out of pencils, for today has been very productive I've consumed ridiculous amounts of hot chocolate and various savoury chemical enhanced potato snacks...three bags of Burts, but hey who's counting?
And finally as I reach my tenth bag of crisps,I've completed five large sheets of design research/ print designs and placed an order for a set of print pigments.
Now I need to concentrate on scale, composition and general placement in between juggling my other job...someone pass the redbull.
Anywho's here's a few snap shots my art work which will now be developed into fashion prints...

all artwork: by prettyneons

...my theme is a combination of both Mexican culture (hence the Mexican sugar skull designs)folklore and my fascination with antique skeleton keys,of which I've collected hundreds of photographs.
Enough of that. How did your Wednesday go girliiiies?
I find them (Wednesday's) irritating because it's smack bang in the middle of the week: making the weekend so close yet so far.

peace x


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I'm loving the illustrations! You should def color them and post some pics later on. =) *passing some redbull* lol =)


TaraRose said...

you are wonderful at drawing. what do you do for a living exactly ?? anywaysss itss beautiful!

prettyneons said...

haha thanks Sophie hun, I really do need a heavy dose of red right now haha!!
prettyneons xx

prettyneons said...

and hey Tara :) thanks it took a long a long time there's more pieces but my camera ran out of power! Will post up another time for you though .

prettyneons x

Walk The Sand said...

Sounds like an amazing theme... awesome illustrations and great post.

prettyneons said...

awwww thank you luv!;)
prettyneons x

Glowing Doll said...

I love your pattern. I really like stylized botany prints.You should sign up for a Spoonflower account and print your own fabric.

prettyneons said...

oohhh such a good idea thanks doll ;)
prettyneons x