11 May 2010

My Floral Frenzy Day

Hi girls, I've returned from my mini hiatus and it's great to be back. I miss this place when I'm gone for more then Ooh a day, I can't help but ponder over what juicy fashion/style posts I may be missing, and comment chatter I may be missing out on. If I had a laptop I'd be dangerous,never getting anything completed because my head would be permanently stuck inside this blogshere:as this is where my head is at, if not in the clouds day dreaming about living in San Francisco,kicking it with my like minded should- have- been -around- in -the- sixties- but -wasn't friends...sigh*
Enough of my confusing,random rambling for I wasn't lucky enough to of existed back in the sixties get over it already!
So why the brief hiatus? I received some good news, I went for this job interview, assumed I'd blown all chances out of the water because I talked too much, wasn't expecting to hear any call backs but instead one of those bleak kick you when your already down letters,Dear (insert name here) we regret to inform you that this time you have not been successful...yada yada yada.
However only a few days after my interview the exact opposite happened and I got the job,a job which I was very desperate to bag because of all the possible opportunities.Just how I'm going to juggle it with my own designing/art I've not yet figured out, I must allow time for sleeping and keep that pesky insomnia at bay. Easier said then done when for some unknown reason my creative juices flow better at midnight?

To my delight my folks surprised me yesterday, mum pulled me away from my desk yesterday morning just as I was setting up all my sewing equipment etc, to whizz me off down town and hit the shops I felt sixteen again needless to say I had an amazing Monday (now there's something I thought I'd never say!),I began my marvelous Monday by snooping,rummaging and digging around charity/thrift shops.
I was lucky enough to stumble upon a thrift gem shortly after stepping through the shop door: a DorothyPerkins dress was slipping off the hanger and fell on the floor and on to my foot.What can I say? The frock wanted me and who am I to reject it?Smug mode. In the same thrift shop I snagged a beaut of a blazer too,size 12 and brand new,never before worn.Ultra smug mode.Altogether it came to just under ten quid.Super smug mode.
After much smugness a much needed lunch break was way over due, after downing a huge cup of hot chocolate err correction bowl of hot chocolate, I flicked through the sale rail,(sale slut?Guilty as charged)at Newlook. Wasn't much impressed by Newlook, too much nautical clobber.I began to feel sea sick at one point.Despite almost drowning in nautical,I survived to grab a very delicate and pretty floral dress, perfect for summer picnics. My mum done a Houdini on me and disappeared,when we did eventually find each other again, she pulled out these goodies from her magicians hat...

all photos by prettyneons

...anyone else been abusing those seductive sale rails, what did you buy?


daisychain said...

I have that grey floral new look dress. twins.

Vintage Vixen said...

What fab finds! Great news about the interview and I'm glad to have you back.

Margaux. said...

florals are amazing, love the 2nd dress

Annie Spandex said...

Love the gray floral one. I can't wait to read that book! I'm hoping it'll be in my hands on my birthday. :D

LadyBugSays ... said...

Fab buys! The dress was destined to be yours!

vint junky said...

The Patti book, i'm jealous!!
Glad you had a great day, and congrats on the job front, yay!!


prettyneons said...

Oh wow thanks girls, you are all so kind <3
The Patti book really is a great read,the photographs are very cool too...go buy it or rent it out

prettyneons x