27 May 2010

Pretty Peacock

Hi girls, I know this blog of mine has been lacking a pulse and been, well rather dead for the past few days, and yes you've guessed it once again I've experienced a spot of techno drama, if not techno lock down. Have I mentioned how I cannot wait to get my laptop? Oh yeah I have about a billion times already. This computer of mine can then go and RIP.
As I pen this post there's flames coming out of the keyboard due to the insane speed of which I'm typing, because this computer is so unpredictable I can't take for granted how long it will function for. And I really, really , REALLY am so eager and excited to feature the new Pearl Lowe collection for fashion budget chain Peacocks...don't allow that word 'budget' fool you. Peacocks is on fire right now,their summer pieces are drool worhty and have you checked out their shoes? Whoa, the attention to detail is mighty impressive hence why I feel compelled to bag them all.

board by prettyneons

There's been many a 'vintage' collection in all the highstreet stores, however very few capture the essence and magic of vintage (...if your a vintage junkie like moi your understand what I mean when I use the term magic , no?),with most attempts lacking soul and nothing more than an insult to genuine vintage.
But hold your horses vintage lurrvers as the Pearl Lowe collection is one not to be dismissed as yet another poor quality vintage failure.No, no, no as this vintage inspired collection is very very authentic indeed, the fabrics, the prints the colour way all those little minor yet major important details that can make or break vintage inspired collections.
Peacocks have quite simply blown all other summer vintage collections straight out the water.As this collection could easily sit amongst original vintage gems,and spotting the difference would prove rather challenging.
I'm lucky enough to of got my paws on one of these beautiful Pearl Lowe frocks,and the garments look even better in the flesh:perfect for those laid back summer picnics, making daisychains and day dreaming.


redheadfashionista said...

Tell me about dying laptops - I made the mistake of ordering my new Dell on my six year old Sony Vaio and said Vaio now has a hissy fit if I try and take pictures from my camera while checking my emails. Love it though.

Em x said...

This range is fab, i love the blue dress. I've only seen it online as theres no store near me xx

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love that 1st dress!

vint junky said...

Oh i will have to check this out, thanks for the heads up missus xxxx

Kristin said...

That blue dress is presh!