16 May 2010

This is the woman.She is knowing we are looking.

This may just be the quickest and most dull post yet? Lacking in substance it is, only I'm really consumed by my art and design work right this minute and I'm afraid if I don't grab this opportunity by the horns my creative mood might wave goodbye and abandon me.Which I'm trying my very best to avoid after experiencing a two week long creative block ,(I don't think a phone doodle is valid, is it? Hmm why do I always doodle when talking on the phone it's so rude,does anybody else phone doodle?Do inform me)to describe this period as hellish would be an epic understatement.I'm a slave to my scrapbook,or is the scrapbook a slave to me,err go figure?

photos by prettyneons

Yadda yadda yadda listen to me boring you all to tears, I must vanish now to crack on with my work, so my friends I leave you with this quick mug shot of moi.Typical Sunday outfit for me which consists of-over sized DorothyPerkins T-shirt,purple tights,studded boots and thrift Aztec necklace.Should of put some slap on my face huh? Instead of just last nights old stubborn eyeliner:look closely and your notice fresh toothpaste on my chin. Nice visual I'm sure you'd agree?
Ooookay's really must dash now,peace out
...did I really just say that?


Margaux. said...

love the boots and you have great bangs!

prettyneons said...

LOLZ , thanks !

Vintage Vixen said...

Wowser, you're one good looking chick, with or without last night's eyeliner.
Phone doodling? Do it all the time, I'm afraid. Ask me what I've spent the last half-hour gabbing about and I won't have a blinkin' clue.
Great outfit and am loving the ethnic (stone?) pendant.
Don't work too hard,

daisychain said...

you darling Sammy pants, are drop dead gorgeous!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Is this pic you.... ? you hot wee minx! u remind of Alexa!

Love the boots, i need some of those

Hope all is good xx

Becca. said...

love your hair style and your boots are so pretty!


Jojo said...

Am I seeing right? Is that really a picture of you? I have waited so long for this moment missy! I cannot belive you finally succumbed.

Absolutely brilliant you are flipping gorgeous. Love the haircut.


Love Jojo xxxxxxx

Em x said...

Yayyyy you did it, i'm so glad! You look totally different to how i thought, for some reason i think of you having looooong hair. You are beautiful and i love the booties xx

Mo said...

Oh, I've missed your blogs! Love the post!
-Xoxo Mo

prettyneons said...

Hiya my hun's, whoa wow cheers for all the super super sweet comments, sorry it took me so long to post a pic.
And I'm glad I didn't scare any of you away. Hmm or have I?haha.

*You've all made me blush now!

well anywho's enjoy your day, will catch up with you all later today ;)

prettyneons xXx

Clare said...

Love your t shirt!

tweet tweet tweet


Glowing Doll said...

What a cute picture!

Jonna said...

Such a pretty picture of you! Love your boots :) x

kirstyb said...

gorgeous x

LadyBugSays ... said...

How pretty are you!

vint junky said...

Ok, so more photos of you, you foxy little thing xxxx

prettyneons said...

haha! stop it!
prettyneons XxX