12 September 2011


Style,jeez can that little innocent word open up a humongous can of worms mostly when in the company of those,stuffy,snooty,stiff,and all so very serious fashionistas.You know the ones?Who will stop at nothing to snag the must have bag and frown upon you if Kate Moss isn't quite your cupa tea,and heaven forbid you dislike an asymmetrical cut or snub bodycon dresses...gasp and how very dare you,go get your head checked out immediately,actually no wait just off with your head altogether.Tut.Tut.
Some like their style to be perfection others individual and original and then there's the few who would strongly argue that to be stylish is to first obtain confidence and adopt an attitude to boot, which cannot be bought via a designer store card.Whatever it may be you can bet your whole entire years worth of Vogue subscriptions that any fashion victim shall surely have a very strong opinion on the subject of style.Don't be too surprised if the style debate rapidly turns a bit ugly and awkward.Because it's one of those topics in which everyone is right,style has no conclusion.Yet many of us still continue to rapidly flick through hundreds of glossy pages in attempt to collect style notes and strive to put those precious tips into practice.And of course we all have our very own fashion icons (some old,some new) which bombard our style hungry brains on a daily basis and influence our day-to-day outfit decisions and purchases.My fashion icon begins with A...and she's making me sway towards,chunky distressed knitted layers,over sized cardigans,leopard print,gold ankle boots and graphic Gothic T-shirts.I call this style U-turn and odd behavior the Alison effect.Goodbye dresses,hmm?


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