08 September 2011


Today I had a catch up with the mum,with the drab weather and heavy looming black clouds hanging around, the what shall we do options were narrowed down to just the one classic mother daughter past time.Shopping.It's been an age since mum and I united together as one unit to invade those clothes rails.Our last fashion retail bonding session,erm really didn't end on an ideal note.There was no harmony as we hoovered around the sales.Gawwd that sounds so harsh.No no mum and I are best buds,and neither of us want to disown the other.That is until were confronted with clothes shops...

Today was no exception,I believe together we both tried to tip toe around the delicate matter of going out shopping.It is after all a sensitive subject,a taboo between the two of us.As we both sipped out morning brews and discussed which shops we'd like to hit first immediately it all kicked off,"I'm not too fussed mum,where ever,in what ever order you'd prefer.I'm easy I never strike fashion gold when going out to seek it anyways.You pick."
Great I've delegated smoothly around our little taboo,nice work.
"Forget your charity shop rummage though,yes?"
Wow how about that both a question and answer in one swift sentence,how does the mum do that?
"I have those gift cards for Debenhams,were make that our first stop before they become invalid.I do love my Deb's such a lovely store and when they have a sale it's proper."
Aahh yes Debenhams,Debenhams how I truly hate thee.I (unlike my mum) have no affection what-so-ever towards them bright,stuffy,clynical-esque,mind boggling,multi-leveled mazes.It takes all my concentration simply to avoid a number of obstacles such as a)slipping head over arse on the very OTT buffed floors b)whizzing past those immaculate make-up beauty girls (how do they get those perfect spray on eye brows?)waving their lipsticks wands in my direction and c)not looking an idiot by trying to go-down via the going-up escalators.Tut.I don't do department stores false dot,they're too generic.Once you've seen one you've seen enough forever.Despite all my hard efforts to convince mum to leave Debenhams until later (like never please!)we wasted two too many hours in the place.Those tedious escalators kept on coming each set extending us into an never ending array of fashion labels and offers that not even Gok Wan could digest and appreciate.I actually did revert to my moody
teenage self,by doing the best sixteen year old impression by a 25 year old you have ever seen.Ever.Dragging my feet having sarcastic digs at Debenhams as if they could hear or care about what I think?And yes at one point the lifts looked like a whole lot of fun.Anything to get out of this blatant middle class meeting point.I'm for the fashion under dogs,where's Matalan at huh?And who bought mum these bloody gift cards anyway?Cop out.

Gifts cards all used up we exit Debenhams.The mum with bags,I with a banging headache.Next stop RiverIsland I want a piece of Chelsea Girl.But oh how I wish I didn't.We enter RI all seems to be going Okay,the mum is having a pleasant poke around the bags and shoes while I run towards the Chelsea Girl area.Swooning over frill front blouses,crochet waistcoats/dresses, tan suede lace shorts,and beautiful bowling bags.Like yikes I'm having an elated moment right now..."What's this?"
"Whats what mum?",I genuinely baffled by her mixed expression.
The mum investigates every garment,zooming in and out on each and every crochet,frilled,knitted piece there is to examine.And uh-oh there it is.That look which informs me that the mum is about to fashion preach at any minute now...
"Over priced this is, all of it is over priced.I lived at Chelsea Girl when I was younger it didn't ever cost this!As for that peter pan collar dress,them designers have got it all very wrong.There was no such combination as that,and those colours are a little bit off too.Too early Sixties,Chelsea wasn't established until my late teens."

images chelsea girl

Jeez alright, alright keep it down luv, no need to make a scene and spoil the moment.The probing of Chelsea Girl collection continues all the way to the check out,the mum bemused by the appeal of which RI's vintage inspired collection has on me.Suddenly the irritated and offended original Sixties Chelsea teenager does a sharp style U-turn.Yep I hear an admiring swoon,quite lengthly swoon too.Escape from the mums mouth,"Loafers look at them aren't they niccce,would go lovely with that Orange crochet lace dress and the stripe dress too." Chelsea Girl converted well, back into a Chelsea Girl it would seem?And Oh check me out receiving outfit tip offs on how to do Chelsea Girl properly.I never said two generation shopping couldn't be rewarding!

images chelsea girl

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