01 September 2011


WHOA WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SILENCE?! Okay well you can stop shouting at the screen now, as I offer my explanation...
I was foolish enough to except a dare (more of a radical change, actually)to step away from the blogs for a whole summer, as my friend grew ever concerned with my heavy fashion posting addiction which apparently "possessed me last summer and is the reason for my ghostly complexion"
Never one to shy away from a challenge (admittedly there was some resistance)I was eager to prove my critics wrong and whilst in the process gain a healthy glow (*failed*). You can guess just how much stick I got when I boasted how it will be a breezzzzze,"fine ,fine I can avoid the void left behind from blogging it really is only a couple of weeks anyways no biggie."I'll continue with my scrap books, and fill my hours with other creative outlets;drawing, drums, writing on actual paper teach my pet lionhead circus tricks?I WILL SURVIVE THIS CHALLENGE.FASHION BLOGS DO NOT OWN ME.
It never even occurred to me how it may send my blog into oblivion until my friend pulled out the plug to my lifeline, erm I mean laptop.
"Your gonna crumble, in an hours time your start sweating and get the shakes because you are obsessed with bloody blogspot and stupid fashion your a victim to the biggest con in history!Plus your be panicking about your readers abandoning prettyneons."
Gasp.Good point of course I wasn't going to let her believe she had hit a delicate nerve with me, what blogger would want to have 0 comments.Honestly now,us writers write because we want it read:be it one two,or a billion people it's nice to have strangers appreciate your words and thoughts.As I allowed my friend to slide the laptop away under my desk anxiety hit me hard and I began chewing my nails- a habit I kicked at seventeen.
Yep it was THAT awful.Oh the dread.The big empty blank hole left behind in the absence of my blogging,who was I kidding?Of course it could never get filled nor replaced by anything else.Four weeks in the teasing began, everyone taunting me about how I may be missing trends, new style blogs and outfit posts.Fickle fashion trends I can live without I'm and never was in fashion for the new and now roller coaster ride those childish what to wear now's. I'm in it for the fun and buzz I get from dressing up-style shake ups, hell yea who needs to sit and analyse weekly trends?What-a-bore. Picking fashion apart and sticking it back together the wrong way and upside down is much more satisfying.However today I decided I cannot take anymore and I reached the conclusion that this summer was depressing and just plain sucked without blogspot, plus my nails are a wreck.Okay so I didn't make it to the end of summer, and now my friend can act smug and do the whole 'I told you so'
She doesn't have to though because I'm admitting and coming clean, no longer in denial...I LOVE,ADORE and am BONKERS about blogging I feel no shame, and despite my efforts to enjoy fashion magazines they just can't cut it like heart on the sleeve fashion/style blogs, I'll always have a place for them glossy, couture fashion pages but I shall not be devouring them in the same way as I do with blogs.Now if you don't mind I have many a draft to publish and post.Aahh post how I've missed selecting that big orange button!


theEmocarebear said...

Welcome back!

daisychain said...

Oh good lord I miss you Sammypants.

Em x said...

Hello, hello, hello!!! I missed you! x

prettyneons said...

awww, gals ...seriously I can't believe you've all stuck around.
Lost for words.Really am.