05 September 2011


So so every now and then fashion darrrling goes all super cute,fluffy and animal loving on us.And who am I to resist the charms of such adorable little critters...relax no I'm not referring to the cruel usage of real fur.What do you have me down as Fred Flinstone?Nah a piece of I-once-had-a-pulse doesn't much appeal to me,funny that.We choose to be fashion victims animals on the other hand...Okay I won't go all PETA and preach on you peeps,besides for years I've done a damn good job of avoiding the typical vegetarian stereotype(Which by the way grates on me you know those beef burger bullies i.e meat eaters who write us carrot crunchers off as,Holland&Barrett, tofu,tie dye,lavender incense stick,acoustic loving hippies...what's wrong with Holland&Barretts anyways?)it would be a shame to spoil things now.
Right,right now I've dodged that sensitive and rather Question Timesque heavy issue,
shall we not move swiftly on already?Unless you've been stuck in a cave along with the old Flinstone family (is it really that obvious I've just caught an episode of the Flint's on TV...purely by accident I'm hasten to add!)with your head stuck under a rock in the pitch black.You too may of observed the heavy invasion of animal illustration T-shirts,dresses,sweaters and so on.No animal was neglected in the process, oh no they all got their five minutes of fashion fame;owls,rabbits,birds,giraffes,zebra's they all made an appearance for fashions very own stylish Noah's arc.Though does anyone else agree with me when thinking the owls got too much attention compared to all the others?Yes this bothered me, more than it probably really should have, I'm guilty of allowing the whole owl thang too much pondering time.At the start believe me I was lurv'in them tweeting twhoooiiingg wide eyed owls as much as Kate over on Spring Watch (dreadful OAP show for those outside of the UK),heck owl necklaces I must have collected every variety available.I actually overdosed on that micro owl trend.It had to stop.
So it did I went straight on to another animal phase.Horses,oh and unicorns which in fact was a repeat from two years ago when every other post was dedicated to 1)MGMT 2)sequins and 3)mystical unicorns.Hmmm somebody yearned to be a psychedelic groupie?
In reality I'm terrified of both horses and donkeys *embarrassing* but not unicorns they don't exist kids.Wait whoa what's that I see out of my bedroom window?Shit would you believe it.It's only an rainbow coloured unicorn wearing an MGMT T-shirt!
This next part you may think is a loop hole which I've stumbled across after promising never to mention Asos or Brat&Suzi.com ever again, I'll let you decide on that one.However I confess to of failed big time when I pledged not to spend any more money on Brat&Suzi illustrated tee's.Since making that pledge a year ago or so I've found myself the owner of numerous 'kooky' (kooky needn't be a dirty word)horsey T-shirts and tops.So much so I may just be close to needing some hay and stables to store them all in.Nay?

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