28 September 2011


Ah when working in the world of fashion,be it PR/journalist/ head office buyer/designer or sales floor/fashion retail/manager the temptation is never too far
away actually it's never far enough sometimes.Oh how it enjoys pushing your buttons and testing the strength of your willpower.Today I'd say my willpower,was at an all time pathetic low in fact my willpower abandoned me and let me down.Or perhaps I just abandoned it?Whoever is to blame I crumbled into a dizzy,overwhelmed silly swooning little fashion slut,when I came face to face with crayon blue coloured jeans.Yes,yes I know I'm a self proclaimed trend basher(?),my stomach churns at the sight of trend do's and don'ts I feel genuinely sad and depressed by fashion groupies who allow such fickle trends to dominate they're day-to-day wardrobes and life in general.Such behavior leaves me baffled,then every now and then every once in a blue moon the trend effect creeps up on me,I oblivious until it's too late and I'm clutching a 'celeb' trend item in my hand.Denial.Denial is a dirty thing.Truth is for weeks my brain has been bombarded with celebs (whatever they are,umm?)parading around and paaaappped in bright bold coloured jeans in just about every lunch time fashion magazine(Look,Grazia,More etc's) available.The curiosity got her claws on me and I am now technically and officially a trend peddle pusher.Yipes.
There it is I've come clean and said it.If anyone happens to see my style common sense kicking about anywhere.Could you send it my way?Because you and I both know denim is cruel towards me,yet I've picked up a pair of bright denim jeans.*Bonkers. The conclusion-style suicide.I've finally snagged THAT Peacocks bag though after many weeks of high anticipation...the beast of a bag (see below) became available to buy.You could say this bag pulled me back from the edge,the brink of my style denim suicide just in the nick of time.Yep for this isn't any old-new-bag,it's my savior for I am style slave sinner....

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