02 April 2012


It's no secret that I find most plus size fashion sources frustrating and far too old fashioned,being an average very normal size 12/14 I do get approached quite often by online 'plus size' fashion retailers and most of these make me shudder.I find their slack style attempts almost offensive,their fashion ranges comical and out of touch with the fashion savvy size 12/14 gals.Most of which don't wish to conceal their curves hiding every inch of their skin underneath miles of utterly ugly fabric,long sleeves and floor frumpy frocks,alas very few of these fashion retailers get it.Then there is the one exception of Evans(...yup just one which is pathetic really isn't it?)who totally,completely get it and are in short representing.Their Clements Ribeiro Swan collection reflects everything that is right about 'plus size' fashion(eww how I find that term so so tedious,unattractive and special needish size 14 come on now!Someone please tell me why the need for the plus add on's?).Ditching all the old BS big-girls-want-to-hide-in-their-garments,by introducing silhouettes rather than tents,arrays of pattern/colours/textures TRENDS.Uh huh size 12/14 girls enjoy dressing up and looking pretty too,cue THAT dress (see below) cannot wait for mine to arrive pronto (hurry hurry Mr postman!).Until that dress drops through my door I've had all access to Evans latest summer accessories collection...with these chunky stone rings/bracelets I'm Leopallooza festival ready,um sort of minus tickets and everything.

photographs prettyneons

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