12 April 2012


Day two of my Arcadia induction/training and yesterdays doubts and mild I-CAN'T-DO-THIS-I-CAN'T-CUT-IT panic attack were a false alarm and such concerns today proved to be very much invalid...and cue a phew!At five am this morning I secured myself a coffee fix,and headed out the door for the commute,with over an hour or so to spare I convinced myself that today I will smash it with the sheer force of success.Next time/this evening when I board this no 55 bus I it will be post-epic achievements,excuse the disgusting boasting-I owned it,hell I excelled even!Yesterdays girl drowning in (daft) doubt-it's and what-ifs is now nothing other than some unrecognisable highly strung stranger,alas one that makes me shudder with shame and various shades of embarrassment.What was going on inside that busy busy head of hers?
Enough already about yesterday,yesterdays are of no use to anyone,focusing on today.I felt less like an headless chicken of a newbie/new girl,thus there was no errms,ums twiddling of thumbs and in general doing my very best vacant no-one-at-home-impression which dominated and put a downer on my yesterday.day.Today though achievements were mine for the taking:implementing/problem solving/creative solutions via styling,tick tick tick's away and definitely time for a pastel pinkish polka-dot peplum purchase treat perhaps?Actually erase the perhaps part 'tis happening,HA!

images courtesy of Arcadia

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