03 April 2012


Do not allow this outfit fool you my readers.I am not sporty at all.Not in the slightest athletic and nope definitely not the owner of any gym like generics,with the exception of bike rides often followed by picnics which quite often include an over iced,over decorated cupcake or two(second thoughts,you can never over embellish a cupcake that's plain daft!What was I thinking?),err yeah right so enough of the cupcaking chatter.Today I'm feeling meh i.e a bit crappy,a bit coldish,a bit cloudish and very casual.Yesterday was all go go go,as my unemployed self had an interview which involves Arcadia-whoooo!!'Tis the home of all my fashion faves.
Post fashion interview dominating doubts interrupted my I've-bagged-this-job attitude diluting down any grand delusions I may of had for a split second.Frantic thoughts of panic punched their way through my positivity(...unemployment is a bitch screwing with ones self-esteem)was it a shambles?Did I ramble on?Oh good gawwd did I digress?I didn't mean to,digressing not my intentions.Bugger flashback informs me I did experience one big brain blip,"So what fashion magazine do you read/which would you say is your favourite?"
Me," Umm err erm er's >BLANK<"
The definition of absurd surely?
Such stubborn and stupid thoughts/doubts can become draining,daunting and difficult to drown out until I received an invite for Arcadia interview part two,phew!And relax,hence the casual curse semi-inspired I suppose?By the eighties 'The Breakfast Club' boxset I indulged in late last night,cue clothes...

photos prettyneons

Wears it from?sweater,riverisland scarf from,peacocks bag & jewellery all charity shop.Brogues from, primark (yonks ago!).


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