09 April 2012


images courtesy of Evans

...So my Easter weekend has so far consisted of a rather epic book binge,titles devoured so far include several fashion picture-flick coffee book types and Vanessa Diffenbaugh's 'The Language Of Flowers' *this must be made into a movie-READ IT ALREADY.* Having absorbed and digested each and every chapter,each bursting with glorious vibrant and at times dramatic/violent floral blooms.I feel compelled to consume all things colourful clashing and erm,with heavily floral foundations,basically.
I predict this floral frenzy of mine inspired by 'The Language Of Flowers' is probably here to stay and such seeds shall spill over into tomorrow...which I wish was today,instead.As Tuesday morning my employment finally kicks off,whooooo ecstatic,excited and eager to gain back my financial independence!I'm most looking forward to the dressing up part tomorrow morning,as for the last two years my uniform had to include smart boring black on bland black, i.e a blah fashion fun free zone.My new uniform*cough* for Arcadia allows me much more room for expression which helps compensate for my sometimes reserved/shyish moments of mute,alas I will bounce out of bed early bird style,to begin dabbling with some of my floral pieces (see above) if successful perhaps I have a future as a florist,if this whole fashion wheel thingy goes to pot?

P.S...much mwah's for all of your sweet support!Oh & THAT elephant bag was vintage
by-the-by. xXx

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