05 April 2012


What is going on?With the weather,obviously?It's causing havoc with my wardrobe and giving me a serious style migraine-*oh shit I'm aware how very fashion victim that last sentenced sounds,alas the ever rotating weather of-blizzard-to-heatwave back to blizzard again is perplexing at best.Admittedly,yes I should know better,we are in April,and this is England no assuming allowed.Too late though as I did indeed assume,brainwashed by pages of flourishing tropical fashion editorials.Such a tease.And convincing enough to inspire me foolishly and prematurely to cull my A/W wardrobe. Huge,massive error.I must have been drunk on a cocktail of glossy sunshined drenched fashion magazine features,mixed with my own grand delusions which went something like this,'Ahh spring glorious pretty,warm,the birds are out singing and all is sweet,all is sunny spring.'Tis here to stay cull the cable knit cardigans,HA!I won't be needing them things anymore!'I can just hear my mum now- deary me you stupid,stupid girl.So what?I'm a little static stuck firmly inside my Californian festival Leopallooza day dreams...reality check IT'S LUKE WARM.Currently much,much less than luke warm and strangers passing in the street feel compelled to whisper,"Isn't she freezing,she must be bloody freezing?" But what do they know?Shuffling around in their disturbing Ugg boots.I've made my choice of snug vs style and quite frankly I'm sick to death of snug.No longer is snug all cosy and cute;the knitted pom pom novelty has worn off along with kooky knits and Christmas tree's it is now April i.e spring and snug has got to go.
Then realisation hit me hard as I ventured outside the house to run some errands and my knees and other limbs became the victim of frost bite the result of wearing a crop top,shorts,patterned yet not practical polkadot tights (...I was experiencing transparent hosiery withdrawal symptoms alright?).And my Riverisland aztec cardie (of which I'm a wee bit emotionally attached towards),so technically I suppose you can accuse me of cheating and Okay I'm not as hardcore sod-this-cold-snap style smug and confident as I first thought
...P.S mum,tomorrow I will promise to wear a coat!


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! Amazing patterns and colors! Love.

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ox from NYC!


prettyneons said...

aww many thanks !