07 April 2012


Rapid,quick fire post today,just to express how elated I am...I bagged myself that Arcadia job,whooooo!It gets better,my uniform *cough* consists of whatever I want/fancy like wearing.Yep goodbye the norm.No restrictions,no limitations of drab black trousers and white blouse,I'm paid to play around with clothes,I'm encouraged to experiment with style (not that I need anymore encouragement...)and I am elated,excited and little nervous because I'm going to be the new girl,alas starting from the bottom of the career ladder part two.Fashion is a difficult industry to crack,invitations of opportunity are rare.To be involved with Arcadia is amazing and hopefully the beginning of my (sometimes deluded) dreams and I going somewhere after much procrastination and pesky life obstacles...
...cue results from todays clothes shopping,um strictly uniform of course.

photos prettyneons

P.S...Have yourselves a pretty weekend,have an Easter egg on me yeah?
mwa's xXx

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