10 April 2012


... My new job kicked off today,mostly introduction stuff.The highlights?Easy-the best part by far is adopting my new uniform i.e dressing up in whatever it is I want including accessories.The novelty of having a non-uniform uniform will never wear off or wear old,yep I'm one very lucky gal indeed having the opportunity to do some much needed wardrobe dabbling and dress up...finally ditching the traditional,dated and drab depression that is black trouser/skirt suit combo's,bleh.Such strict stuffy style restrictions only enable me to be/act myself.Fashion helps me function,so to speak.A non-uniform uniform does require more time allowance, and general ensemble prep warm up's as with all things involving,erm,clothes conundrums can become common place.The style sensible proactive people plan dressing up details in advance.I on the other hand,much prefer to blag tweak and adapt during THOSE blurry dazed and confused confident crisis clothes moments,ah we all get those correct..?
Those little strange self-esteem style slack (nano)seconds of,'can I really pull this lot off and convince/trick others into believing I know exactly what it is I am doing here.With all these layers,shapes,patterns of colour and textures e-t-c'zz,I am essentially a fashion fraud'sta.Who's fooling no-one with this confusing display of an outfit!
Accessories.I need some on me.They always prove to be the ultimate fashion fixer,I should know this because of my long running magpie tendencies,of which come in fits and spasms.And this morning I relapsed,really rather badly having a complete episode,a bling bang out if you will?I zoomed in on my accessories stand (buckling under the weight of pointy feather rings and owls),swooping up rings,bangles more rings and bracelets.Which resulted in an clumsy incident involving one bus door and a dudes jean pocket *cringe*.I/my faulty feather bracelet firmly attached it's stupid self on to the back of some boys bum,struggling to escape from the situation and embarrassment I attempted to wiggle my wrist out of the bracelet.Failure.As it only made everything much,much worse as I became more stuck and um very much static in the tricky situation as the bus door squashed us strangers together much- too -close- for- comfort-together.
Bring on easy solutions-I want the humble uniform back in my life.Jokes!


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